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An Abundance of Negativity and How to Beat It

We all have had those times in our lives where nothing seems to be going right. It slowly gets worse and worse until you’re ready to wave the white flag. I’ve been having a month full of negativity and it’s time for it to end.

The theme of this month’s Favourites Fridays have been negativity because I can’t seem to escape it. From extreme work stress to intense PMS to a painful skin rash to my first traffic ticket to financial strain to general life suckiness, March has not been my friend. I’ve accepted it. But now it’s time for it to end. It’s my life and I refuse to let anything bring me down.

Because of my personality, when life gets rough I let it get rough. My emotional toil has not been pretty. I’m so thankful for those who have been by my side helping me through some of the most trying times of my life. Being in your early twenties is no picnic! This week I took some time and really worked on changing my mindset. My favourite saying is that God never gives you more than you can handle, and it was a reminder I needed.

How to Break Through Your Negativity Wall

Find your abundance of positivity

To combat negativity you need positivity. After hearing so many reviews, I finally started watching the Queer Eye reboot and wow. This show has so much positivity and affirmation and joy that you cannot be anything but happy sobbing while watching it. It is a sanity saver and seriously one of the most amazing gifts television has ever given us.

Image result for queer eye

If you haven’t seen it, I honestly recommend watching. I’m not even a fan of non-scripted shows, but I could watch Queer Eye on repeat for the rest of my life.

Embrace your comfort zone

While normally going out of your comfort zone is not the advice I give, when life is hard you need to go back to basics. For me, it was going home to my parent’s house, somewhere that I feel loved and don’t need to do anything other than be myself. Even if it was just a weekend – and cost me a traffic ticket – it was so nice being with my parents and our lovable pup. Some time just spending time with those you love, hanging out and eating good food, is all you need to combat everything weighing you down.

Communicate with your support circle

Stress continues to build and build, and without somewhere to go it’s never going to disappear. That’s what support circles are here for. Reach out to those who care for you {be it a family member, friend, or colleague} and share what you are going through. Just sparing out the details with someone who has your best interests at heart can help make a situation seem a little less overbearing. And you might get some advice out of it too.

Work it out

If there’s anything I’m thankful this entire experience has brought, it is dedication to my work outs. I have become a barre machine, doing at least 20 minutes of practice a day with 1-2 studio classes a week. After an hour of squatting, bending, and pumping, my stress feels a million miles away. Let’s follow the wise words of Elle Woods and get those endorphins going! When I feel my most stressed I do a little barre and I’m amazed at how much more manageable my problems seem.


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