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An Afternoon of Nostalgia

I have the week off for teacher conferences and Veterans’ Day, so I’ve mostly just been sitting at home watching television and rewriting some essays. I live a pretty boring life, but it’s worth it.

Today I had plans, but in the unfortunate cancellation of them, I am once again stuck at home watching television. After an hour of flipping through channels and trying decide what deemed interesting enough to watch, I saw that ABC Family is having another Harry Potter marathon weekend. Boy, am I excited!

Right now, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is playing. It’s the very first Harry Potter film and brings an absolute wave of nostalgia for me. To enjoy that feeling of Harry finally learning who he is and meeting the people who become his friends for life is just plain great.

I remember when I first saw this movie. I was visiting my aunt in Colorado. She was babysitting me and my little brother for the afternoon while my mom did some shopping. I was in the first grade. I wouldn’t read the books until the following year, so it was just a piece of entertaining film to watch. I thought the invisibility cloak was so thrilling that I told my aunt that I wanted one.

I love how bossy Hermione is in this movie. She is my absolute favorite character. She’s got a big brain and a huge heart. And, by far, she is the only one who has really defeated Malfoy.

Well, that’s enough nostalgia and remembrance for one afternoon. Enjoy the end of your week!

P.S. If you want to see my other post about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, click here.

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