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An Enthusiastic Year in Review

We made it through 2015!

2015 has been an insane year! So much has happened and I’m literally bursting with so much joy and pain this year has caused. It’s really been a wild time and it’s time to review it all!

There are 3 parts to this review. 1) Goals accomplished in 2015 2) Numbers of 2015 and 3) 2015 Enthusiast stats. These will hopefully make a full review of what has been a truly rounded year.

Part 1: Goals Accomplished in 2015

Every year I make myself a little set of goals to keep me motivated to try new things and get my life on track. This year I shared my goals on this page to use you, the reader, help me keep my eye on the prize. Let’s see how I did on those goals!

  1. See a concert

  1. Going to San Francisco with my favourite girl Curlz to see Meghan Trainer in the second row was awesome! I love me a good concert, and this one was amazing! Loved the confetti cannons at the end!

  2. Finish re-write for Confessions of a British Starlet

  3. After doing NaNoWriMo I finally finished the re-write of the first novel I’ve ever written. There is so much work I still have to do, but it is nice to have a good working copy to go off of. I’ve been working on this for years, so to finally finish is amazing.

  4. Meet at least one famous person

  1. I met Meghan Trainor! And despite the fact she was on vocal rest, she was super nice! And she gives great hugs.

  2. Be Freshly Pressed for 2015

  3. No such luck.

  4. Meet more of my Enthusiasts

  1. I didn’t really have a lot of contact with Enthusiasts, but I did reply to every email and have some great email conversations, so I’ll say I accomplished this.

  2. Lose at least 20 pounds

  3. This summer I lost 24 pounds collectively, which is the biggest accomplishment I have made this year. I am so bad about my health, and knowing that I worked so hard and ate well and went to the gym and accomplished this goal, it is more than I could ever imagine.

  4. Get at least 200 Twitter followers

  5. Maybe next year?

Part 2: Numbers of 2015

This year has been made of numbers. Here’s a few.

75: Numbers of films I watched this year

12: 2015 Favourite Fridays

5: Average number of miles I walked in a day

3: How many close friendships I lost

20: How old I turned this year

2: Number of vacations I took this year (San Francisco and Hawaii)

1,359: Current number of The Enthusiast subscribers

24: Pounds I lost

1: Anniversary with my boyfriend

42: How many smoothies I drank during my summer smoothie cleanse

Part 3: 2015 Enthusiast Stats

Want a detailed look at what my blog looks like behind the scenes? Check out my full blog stats for the 2015 year here.


Thank you for reading! What was your favourite part of 2015? What was your favourite thing on the blog this year? What was your favourite post?

Stay classy, Internet,









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