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An Enthusiastic Year in Review: 2017

In a few days a new year will be upon us. I am looking forward to 2018 as a year of comfort, renewal, and achievement. But until then, I want to take a step back and appreciate all the good that came around in 2017.

2017 was a rough year for me. I struggled to find balance in my life and to find happiness with my situation, both of which are not ways I would ever describe myself. So, like any strong woman, I changed it. I moved into an apartment that brings me joy, only pursued friendships that made me feel good, and began to make blogging a career path. In moments of darkness we find light, and it is the pursuit of this light that brings us joy.

Had the absolute best weekend in San Diego celebrating family! One highlight was touring Old Town {featuring the Cosmopolitan Hotel}, my grandma explaining the tension between preserving the Mexican culture and the Old West history!

The Best 3 Things to Happen in 2017

1. Seeing Ed Sheeran in concert in Portland. He continues to be the most spiritual show I’ve been to.

2. Moving into my new apartment. This new space has become a retreat for me and I find myself more at peace at home and in my daily life. I never want to move!

3. My trip to San Diego. You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl. Being in my home state visiting my grandparents {and seeing the ocean for the first time in forever} was the most perfect medicine for a rough 2017.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest: Every hour the music plays and puppets put on a show

2017 Fun Facts

·  I watched 129 movies this year. WHAT?! And I’m still seeing three movies this weekend…

·  After years of bad journalist scratch, I learned calligraphy this year and am obsessed

Just casually rocking out to Maroon 5 last night with tacos

Top Posts of 2017

  1. Female Seeking Brunch Buddy The woes of looking for new friends as an adult

  2. A Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List Never fret about buying a gift again

  3. Best Buys of 2017 They don’t call me the Enthusiast for nothing, I buy the best things!

  4. What I Learned After a Year of Being Single Being single has taught me so much, especially after a difficult relationship

  5. Choosing New Glasses with Warby Parker I love my WP glasses and was so excited to share my journey with you!

2017 was filled with so much, and I can’t wait for next week as we delve into 2018!


What were your favourite parts of 2017? What post on the blog caught your attention? Share below!

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