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An Update on My 2018 Resolutions

They say that the first month of resolutions is the easier and the hardest. You feel motivated for your goals, but you’re still getting into the routine of everything. And I can attest to that in this update on my 2018 resolutions.

As I said in my post earlier last month, I believe more in focus words as a form of resolutions. I love that they can be interpreted widely and feel more positive. This is the first year I’ve taken to this new ideation and so far I am loving it. I feel good about my progress and I’m excited for what is to come.

This weekend I looked at my progress from the last month and thought I would share where my focus words have taken me and where I see them leading me for the next 10 months.

One Month In: An Update on My 2018 Resolutions

Focus Word No. 1 – Health

With the word Health on my mind, I have made the biggest steps in my health journey in the last month than I have made in years. I switched up my diet and have stuck to it, I joined a better gym that makes me excited to work out, and I’ve stopped rewarding myself with food. This focus word has taken on a meaning of me feeling my best, and it has made me make decisions that have made me my best self. Several times I’ve been out with friends who have said “you look so happy” and “there’s something different about you” and I can attribute it all to focusing on what feels healthy to me.

Focus Word No. 2 – Hygge

When I originally spoke about Hygge my focus was on connecting with people. But over the past month it has shifted to be more about connecting with the world. I struggle with being inside my head all the time, but with Hygge on my mind, I find myself experiencing the world more. From simply enjoying people watching to sitting on my couch enjoying a lit candle and cuddly blanket, I feel more connected to the bigger something and it has improved my loneliness and my spirituality.

Focus Word No. 3 – Achievement

I won’t lie. I had a bit of an identity crisis in January over what I want to do with my life. And because of it I couldn’t think of what I wanted to achieve. So I broke it down a little further – something you can do with focus words and not resolutions – and achieved on the simplest level.

When I think of Achievement I think of accomplishing success on any level. I made a Good Habit Tracker – which I will be sharing on the blog later this week – and chose five things I wanted to improve upon. 1) Working out 2) Instagram 3) Washing my face 4) Eating healthy 5) Drinking water. And for each day I succeeded those, I marked it down. By the end of the month I had more filled in boxes than not and to me, that was achievement. I had successfully started habits {especially washing my face every night} and that was improvement enough for me. I feel better about myself and am excited to continue to achieve, no matter how little it may seem.


How are you doing on your 2018 resolutions? Share below!

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