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Another Senior Moment: Prom

If you spent your weekend reading my Twitter (don’t lie, I know you all stalk you may have glanced between the tweets about sticker books and enchiladas about how I spent my weekend. At prom!

Senior year is all about those big moments. Homecoming, university acceptances, big trips, prom…everything is your last, and it makes it so much more exciting. And my Prom, it was really exciting!

Me looking fabulous as usual. And being as ridiculous as usual…

Our theme was all Old Glam Hollywood (which is exciting because you all know I love my movies) and not only was it prom, it was one of my dearest friend’s birthdays! So, of course, we just had to get a hotel room to celebrate her becoming an adult! And let me tell you, the best way to celebrate prom is in a hotel suite with a ginormous bathroom where you can sit in your prom dress and eat pizza and sing ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ until your lungs burst. There really is no other way.

Me and some of the lovely girls in my group! I love them so much! They look so pretty!

Me and the birthday girl! In our lovely dresses and taking advantage of the gigantic tub!

The actual prom was quite fun. I entered with my main girl Katy (who ya’ll know from KatySueSays) and we looked more fly than usual (if that’s even possible for two white girls) and we thought we’d gone blind because there were no lights! Eventually our eyes adjusted and we met up with your friends and got our dance moves out to what had to be two hours of the worst music. I mean, it was straight hip hop and rap blaring down uncensored. They didn’t even play One Direction. How am I supposed to get my groove on if my jam isn’t playing? Just kidding! I survived! Barely…

After dancing, we headed back to our room and continued to eat pizza and watch George Lopez and eventually open presents and eat cake! (My weekend consisted of me eating lots of food.) It was all my favorite things: dancing, friends, and food. Nothing could top this weekend!

And so, I have had yet another great moment of my Senior year. I’m about to make my final decision for University (I promise, you’ll be among the first to know) and I’m a little upset this year has to end. I’m anxious to be finishing high school and moving onto bigger and better things, but I would love a few more months just to enjoy some more laughs with my girls.

Thank you for reading! If you want to know more about which schools I was accepted to click (here). If you’d like to subscribe for more stories about my Senior year, my ridiculous shenanigans, advice I give, or me discussing my attraction to Harry Styles, below there is a button to subscribe! And if you’d like to shoot me an email about questions or suggestions for new posts (I love suggestions! I really do!) send them to!

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. Thank you for your overwhelming response to ‘17 Things I Learned at 17’. Your comments have been so supportive and I can’t believe the amount of likes! A few of you asked for details on some of my ‘learnings’ and I’d like to say that none of them really had to do with specific people. They were simply my observations.






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