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Artists I Know You’ll Love

Let’s talk about music. We all have different tastes. Only the other day I posted in the Facebook group for my freshman class what kind of music everyone likes and no two people had the same answers. We are all attracted to different genres and voices and lyrics. And so I thought today I’d share with you some music that I love that I think you might like too.

I Listen to a Lot of British Artists: A Musical Compositon


If you don’t love Adele, I don’t want to breathe the same air as you. She has more soul than I thought was possible and her music is beautiful.

Andy Grammar

This man just makes the best music. My friend Kelsi and I will play his station on Slacker whenever we go on long drives. Andy makes catchy music that has a great message.

The Beatles

Need I say anything? It’s the Beatles.

Bruno Mars

How great is this video?

After seeing him in concert, I have more respect for Bruno than ever. His music is soulful and passionate and can appeal to most tastes.

The Clash

Gah, I love them so much! Why couldn’t they have been during my time?


I used to want to kill my entire grade for only playing ‘Clocks’ on the piano, but Coldplay always produces good music that I like.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

If I’m going on a road trip, they are always on my playlist. Good car music.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie. I love her. Her music is fantastic. A great stage show and a great album. Everything about her and her music is something that I love. Plus that voice is beautiful.

Emeli Sande

Fell in love with her at the BRIT awards and the love has just continued to grow!

Eric Hutchinson

Music that has you bopping your head from the first beat, I like how uplifting and indie it sounds.

Little Mix

AHHH! I love Little Mix. Best girl band I’ve ever listened to. Music that is catchy and has a great message.


First boy band crush and rightly so. A decade of making music and they get better every year. Rock and pop and everything I love about music.

Michael Buble

Possibly my favorite of everything. He’s my ringtone.

Mumford & Sons

Their music gives me chills. It’s really hard not to like Mumford & Sons, so don’t find any reasons not to.

Olly Murs

OLLY! I love his music and his voice and his videos and I’m so addicted that at this point I don’t know what’s going to happen when he stops making music. Probably internally combust.

One Direction

Even my friends who hate 1D like this video, so don’t pretend you don’t.

They are the world’s biggest boy band for a reason.

One Night Only

Love. Them. So. Much. Please watch this video, you won’t regret it.

Sara Bareilles

How can you not love her? Her first hit song was all about being sassy to her record company. Plus her music is fabulous!

Scouting for Girls

They not only make the best music videos, they have great music. Seriously one of those bands I will be listening to even when they stop making music.

The Strokes

Obsession at it’s finest. Rarely do I make a playlist that doesn’t include the Strokes. Their music is some of the best in the business.

The Vamps

Seriously so talented.  Really happy I discovered them when I did. They’re going to be hot!

The Who

If you don’t like The Who, your brain isn’t placed in your head correctly. Great music. Could listen to them all day.

5 Seconds of Summer

This video got me though last week when I was violently ill. You’ll love it.

Last but not least, we’ve got up and coming band 5 Seconds of Summer. Working on their debut album right now, this band makes fantastic music and will definitely be around for a while.

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. I’m sorry my posting has been so horrid! I leave for school one month from last Monday and there is so much to do!









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