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August Faves: Movies, Music & More

August was one of those months where everything was awesome and I was introduced to a lot of cool new things that I love. So, what better way to show you the things I now consider staples to my enthusiasm than to make a cheeky little list for you. Here are my August faves!

If These Aren’t Your Faves, They Should: Morgan’s August Enthusiasms


I didn’t go the cinema much this month (it kind of ran by me and suddenly it was August 27th) but I did go once, and this is the movie that became my obsession.

TMNT was so good! I know it’s probably meant for 12-year-old boys, but I loved it. I grew up with the cartoon and it’s like the cooler version now that I’m an adult. I’ve always liked live action movies more, and this film just proved that live action makes all better. It was funny and clever and I think everyone could like it. I know all my male friends who have seen it loved it, and I liked it as a young adult girl, and my dad saw it with me, and I know he chuckled several times. Definitely a must watch for someone who wants to escape at the cinema for a few hours and focus on something entertaining rather than their stresses. TMNT is my movie obsession for the month.

TV Show

I’m proud to announce in 27 days I watched all 7 seasons of 30 Rock. And if you take away the days that I was out of town, it was technically 23 days. Impressive.

To be honest, I never thought I would watch 30 Rock. I’d never heard of it before and the picture didn’t really grab me on Netflix. But I gave it a try while bored at 1am, and I do not regret it. This show is funny, clever, unique, and so enjoyable at any time of the day. It takes a lot for me to put my time into a television show (especially 135 episodes) and this show was definitely worth every minute. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin steal the show with characters you love and relate to and hate and just want to hug and give life advice to. And the rest of the quirky cast is hilarious and so ridiculous that you want to not like the show because it’s so stupid, but you cannot bring yourself to do anything other than worship. Yes, 30 Rock is 100% an August favourite.


I’ve known this song for a while, but I guess I didn’t notice it really until recently. So forgive me Christina Perri fans for being a little behind.

“Burning Gold” is a stupid good song. The message behind the song is so strong and I just really love it. Once I focused on the lyrics I saw so much of the message that I tell people everyday. Creating the change you want is so important and I love that it is the point of her song. Definitely a must listen for the rest of your life. It’s also great for singing to your shower head.


I’ve been waiting weeks to talk about this book, so let’s go!

“Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time” is one of my favourite books of all time. I want everyone to have a copy! I started following the Twitter @SoVeryBritish back in winter and I ended up favouriting and retweeting more than is acceptable for one account. And I had to buy the book just so I can laugh, because it is so relatable to how awkward I am. I secretly think they’ve been following me around and writing a book about me on a daily basis. This book is fantastic and will be on my favourites list for a very long time.

All of these items can be found on my Amazon Store, which you can access by clicking here.


These have been my August favourites! Hopefully you’ll give them a try and comment below on your thoughts on them.

Don’t forget I’m posting on Friday about a very exciting thing I’m doing next month, and on Sunday I am releasing my August newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

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