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Back-to-School Quiz

For some of you, you may have just finished your first week of school. Which means that in a short period of time you’ve had a lot of information to process. And with all this information, you are sure to forget it all by the time you spend your weekend frolicking in the sun and come back on Monday. So I’ve devised a little quiz to see how you’ve really learned this week and whether you’re reading for the rest of the school year.

You walk into your Honors English class. What is your teacher’s name? A. Mrs. Smith B. Mrs. S-something C. Mrs. English? D. There’s a teacher in that class?

It’s third period. What class do you have? A. Gym. And then I have Algebra. B. It’s either English or Physics, I know that. C. Let me check my schedule real quick. D. Uh, I forgot my schedule. I have no clue.

You feel sick. Where do you go? A. Health center B. My best friend’s drug store-esque backpack C. I’m just going to suffer quietly in pain D. Home. I want my mommy’s chicken soup

Cynthia asks you what the Government homework was. You… A. pull out your handy planner and look. B. look at your hand where it’s scribbled. C. turn around and ask Jim. D. say, “Homework? Uh, yeah, I don’t do that stuff.”

Your favorite teacher is? A. Mr. Clark, who teaches Biology. B. That one lady who teaches Geometry C. I don’t know any of my teachers. D. I hate them all. They are all awful.

Your backpack looks like? A. An organized array of highliters, notebooks and a water bottle in case I get thirsty. B. Has a few notebooks and binders closely packed in. C. My supplies threw up. D. Empty. I don’t fill it with anything.

You get called to the principal’s office. As you greet him, you say… A. “Hello, Mr. Johnson.” B. “Hi, Mr. J.” C. “How’s it going, J?” D. “‘Sup, homie?”

The bell rings and you need to use the restroom. How long do you have until your next class? A. 5 minutes B. Um, I think it’s, like, around 5 minutes C. It’s definitely not long enough for me to go to the bathroom. It’s like a minute. D. Long enough for me to go to the bathroom, talk to my girlfriend, and find my calculator.

When is an appropriate time to use your phone in class? A. Never. Unless the teacher gives me permission to. B. When my mom calls. C. When the teacher isn’t paying attention. D. Whenever I feel like it.

Do you feel ready for the rest of the year? A. Yeah, I have all the materials I need, plus Morgan is here to guide me on my way! B. Kind of. I don’t feel like I have everything I need or any support. C. No. It’s way too much stuff going on. D. I don’t even want to be here. I’m considering dropping out.

Mostly A’s You’re ready for this year! You’re organized and on top of that crazy schedule! Remember to have fun and still get good grades!

Mostly B’s You’re doing an OK job, but you could do with a little bit more effort. Keep up with homework and you’ll go far!

Mostly C’s You’re doing an average job. You need some more effort, some more enthusiasm, and definitely a better attitude. Remember that a focused student is a good student.

Mostly D’s Instead of googling at your boyfriend, try paying attention to the teacher. You’d be amazed at how awesome and fun school can be with some actual interest.

Thanks so much for playing! I hope you all enjoyed that quiz! Leave your score in the comments. I put this together and actually took the quiz myself. I earned all A’s! I hope you all do too! Have a great weekend!

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