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Balance Your Work & Personal Life

One of the biggest struggles in adult life is finding a balance between working and a personal life. It’s too easy to overlap the two, and a pain to separate them.

how to find a work life balance

I’ve really struggled with balancing my work life and my personal life in the last few months. Putting work first is too easy, and focusing on my own life and my own needs has become a back burner hobby. And that’s something that needs to change.

Here are some of the first steps I’ve taken to creating a healthy work/life balance:

Steps to Balance Your Life

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1. Do not access work communication during days off

I have my work email sent straight to my phone and my office phone forwarding to my cell phone so no matter where I am I can be reached. But that has led to many hours spent off the clock talking with clients and replying to email after email. That’s why I now turn off call forwarding when I leave the office for the weekend and don’t check my work email. It means that the time away from the office is my time, and there is a little separation from the office for the few days I’m not there.

2. Do not make work a priority in your schedule

Every once in a while I will have a work event and a personal event on the same day. My first instinct is to automatically attend the work event – because company networking is important – but spending time outside your coworkers is equally as important. Trade off on which event you attend, and try to choose the one that will most benefit you. There’s nothing wrong with missing a company event, and there’s nothing wrong with choosing work.

3. Take days off

This may seem bizarre, but if you’re someone who struggles with a work/life balance you know that taking days off is easier said than done. So even when I feel burnt out and stressed beyond belief, I still do my work day after day. And with that, I leave work with no energy, causing me to push away my personal life. Indulge a little with a day off every once in a while – just make sure to get it approved! – and avoid that burn out.


Thank you for reading! If you’d like to discuss more about work/life balance or just working, please leave a comment below!


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