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Because It's All About That (April) Faves

It’s April, and slowly but surely all my favourite spring things are coming back!

I love the spring time, and especially April, because everything is pretty and colourful and it’s my birthday. There’s something about spring that makes people feel reborn, and I think that’s fantastic! And what better way to celebrate this time of colour and rebirth and whatnot than doing a favourites post?!



There is a very large pitcher of lemon water in my fridge, and it’s staying! Besides the high benefit of drinking lemon water, it’s just delicious. It’s great for keeping me drinking water and is good for me, which really helps me when I’m trying to drink more water. And with a cute mason jar and straw, lemon water is adorable! Plus, it’s great hot too!


Spring means getting more in tune with nature, so why not do it with your hair? Wavy hair has become my go-to when I don’t know what to do in the morning. And it looks great with any outfit, so how could it possibly be wrong? I simply get out of the shower, towel dry my hair, lightly blow dry and then braid into two separate braids. I wait about half an hour, lightly blow dry again and take out the braids. If it’s not wavy enough, wrap strands around a one-inch curling iron to get more defined ringlets.


I am OBSESSED with this song! I think the message behind it, and just the tune in general, is so positive and inspiring. It just feels like a spring song (I mean, it goes on about going to the light after being in the dark) and is amazing for walking home after a long day of classes. Add this to your playlist ASAP.


Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.54.08 PM

Instagram @PotatoesHegarty

I am a firm believer that a pop of colour can make all the difference. And sometimes bright shoes are perfect! These red ones are my go-to for pepping myself up. And I can’t help but notice that they’re adorable, so why wouldn’t I wear them every chance I get?


There’s something about the simple, elegant colour of pale roses that instantly makes me calm. I love these for workspaces (just check my Pinterest) and consider them a definite love of mine right now. They just scream everything I love: Simple, elegant and classy.


I constantly find myself inspired by different quotes and sayings and advice. Recently I’ve been jotting my favourites on a sheet of paper that I glance at when I need a boost. My hope for this summer is to make myself a board to put above my bed that can inspire that motivation every morning!


I’m actually going to SF in July, but for now I’m borderline stalking The Golden City. A friend of mine went there for spring break and her Instagram is where I spend my free time. I think the city is gorgeous, the culture is fascinating and the architecture amazing. I can’t wait to visit, but for now I’ll just read travel blogs until I care about school again. (Mom, I’m joking.)


Pomeranians and huskies make the cutest babies on the planet. And they are called pomskies. I want to get a pomsky so bad because they are the most adorable things on the planet and I want to get one, name is Parsons and walk around with it so people know I own a cute dog.


And that’s my favourites list for April! What are you obsessing over this month?

Oh, and if you’re wondering, my birthday is April 25th. I shall be celebrating the day by pretending I don’t have midterms and the metabolism of an old lady.

Stay classy, Internet,










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