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Best Buys of June 2019

I buy stuff. All of the time. As an Enthusiast, buying and trying things is kind of the basis of who I am as an individual. Of course this means my bathroom is completely overloaded, there’s no room in my closet, and I may need to storing things in my car, but I am living my best life.

With the decline of Favourites Friday (does anyone else want that to come back?) I figured doing something more monthly will fill the void. So I’m starting off with everything I loved from this month, from beauty to food to the earrings that have sparked many a conversation. Let’s go!

Morgan’s Best Buys of June

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Gradual Glow Pads

Image result for dennis gross alpha beta gradual glow

I have never cared about being tan. I accepted my pale girl fate a long time ago. But this year – in the spirit of trying new things! – I am attempting to fake tan. And guys, my face looks great! These little towels are super easy to apply and don’t steak (even when you’re terrible at application like me) so they are pretty much foolproof. In two applications I saw my skin look like I’d been lying out in the sun for days. And it looks so natural! Now I apply every other day and it’s easy, which means it works for my beauty routine. My skin looks healthier, I feel prettier, and for 20 pads for $38 (a whole box will last about 4-6 weeks depending on how dark you want to go) this is something I can definitely get behind.

Trader Joe’s Miso Ramen Soup

Image result for trader joe's miso ramen soup

I struggle with lunch, always have. I used to put two slices of bread, a banana, and some applesauce in my lunch because it was the easiest thing I could put together. But now that I’m adult and work in an office I don’t want to be labeled a weirdo. That’s where the most amazing thing you’ve ever made in 6 minutes comes in. This soup is INCREDIBLE! I love ramen so much (it’s a go-to for a night out) and this tastes like the real deal. It’s filling, it’s easy to fix up, and I just really love it. I keep a few stashed in my pantry, but eat it almost every day for lunch. And for $1.29 it’s way better than the 99 cent stuff.

Old Spice Anti-Perspirant Deodorant in Wilderness

Image result for old spice wilderness

After the long debate, I have decided to try men’s deodorant. This one smells like lavender (not that I’m opposed to smelling like a pine tree or “man”) and it works. An insane amount. I am a sweater (thanks genes) and am super sensitive to most formulas of anti-perspirants. This stuff keeps me smelling fresh and feeling dry all day, which is great during my long, hot walks during lunch.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Thyme is Money

Image result for sally hansen insta dri thyme is money

Nail color is hard for me, because I’m very picky. I like light, but not too light. Neutral, but not necessarily boring. and I like nail polish that dries quickly because I get bored after 5 minutes. I picked this up at Target last week and it’s great! Dried super quick with no flaws, is a nice light right-off-neutral, and doesn’t look too dark on my pale feet. Sally Hansen, you have a new fan!

Shein Lotus Earring Jackets

Image result for shein lotus earring jacket

Last year started my obsession with earrings. I love earrings. And while I have been trying to curb my love (for lack of space to put said earrings) I can’t resist a good deal. I saw these for $2 and had to have them. And whenever I wear them I get so many compliments and questions and almost everyone asks for the link. They are super comfortable with no cheap metal irritation, and you can wear headphones, which is awesome. I may even go back for more earring jackets from Shein after such a good experience.

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