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Best Buys Under $25

We're entering the holiday season and it's a mad dash to buy gifts. And treat yourself (you deserve it). But we are on a budget, and quality does not need to be sacrificed for price. Purchasing something that will make a lasting impression does not need to cost more than $25, and my house is proof. I rounded up some of my must-have, would-die-without products in my house that all cost under $25. Happy shopping!

Dash Egg Cooker

I got this as a gift from my aunt, and it was favourite Christmas gift last year. I use this egg cooker so much. It makes perfect soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs, along with omelettes and poached eggs. And you don't have to do anything other than put the egg in the cooker! I used to never boil eggs because they never turned out right, and now I have them at least a few times a week and they are perfection personified. For the inexpensive price tag, this cooker is all quality.


At IKEA, I always buy something that's risky and I don't need. This throw blanket was that from my last trip. I already own too many throws for my own good. But this is worth every cent. It's soft, but not silky. Heavy enough to feel cozy, but not too heavy. And the weave design means that you won't overheat. Of all my throws, this is the one I reach for most. It comes it a wonderful array of colours to meet your style, and it's amazing!

Wax warmer

Candles will always be dear to my heart, but they are expensive and wasteful. Which is not what we are doing anymore! I discovered this wax warmer on a random Amazon search and thought it too cute to pass up. The poke-through design allows light to flood through, casting a beautiful polka dot design on your walls. Because wax warmers use light bulbs, you can run them all day instead of a few hours like a candle. And quality wax is not hard to find and can be used for hours and hours to make your house smell good. If you or someone you love enjoys a scented house, wax warmers are the way to go.

Glass straws

Another way to be less wasteful, I love my glass straws. They come in an array of sizes and fit into all my bottles and glasses. The glass gives a more sophisticated look, and I like that I can see my drink through them - I know that's a little weird. Glass straws are an inexpensive way to help the environment, and these ones are dishwasher safe.


I've tried a lot of the self-tanning products on the market and have not been impressed. Either the price is so much I could get spray tans instead, or they are streaky or too orange. That is not going to work for me and my Caspar skin. I found this $20 formula at Target and figured I would give it a go, and I'm hooked! Never orange and only streaks if you aren't careful, this formulation comes in droppers, mist, and mousse to fit your lifestyle. The three shades are inclusive to those who prefer different tan levels (I switched to the medium recently because I found the fading kept me tan longer than the light). If you're new to self-tanning or tired of sacrificing your wallet to looking golden, I recommend these to everyone.

Vineyard Hills Naturals Vanilla Rosewood Candle

I know I just went off on candles, but there's one candle I will always buy. The Vineyard Hills Naturals Vanilla Rosewood candle is perfection. It burns clean, the scent is light, and whenever I light it around guests they always say how much they like it. It's a hard candle to find but is perfect for the picky candle lover. (Note: the price on these candles fluctuates often, but I have found great luck getting at good price at Home Goods).

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