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Blessed Be My Name


As you may know, it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. That means food, football, and family. I am looking forward to eating massive amounts of turkey and watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. However, as great as the food and television specials are, the best part of Thanksgiving is reflecting on all the blessings you have.

One of the big problems people have is noticing everything wrong with their life. No money, no boyfriend, no job, no perfect waistline. We dwell so much on the negative that we forget to step back and remember what makes our life great. Some lists may be long, while others short. But no matter the length, there is always a blessing in your heart.

What I Am Thankful For (2012 Edition)


Earlier this year I lost my best friend, my dog Dutch. While adjusting to this major change, I am so lucky to have had my family with me. They have kept me strong and I couldn’t ask for better people in my life. And my extended family, they are the best support system anyone could ask for. Never have I started a project that wasn’t 100% supported by them. I am so fortunate to have these amazing people related to me.


God blessed me with a good group of mates. My friends are goofy and loud and ridiculous as they ever are, but when I really need them, they are caring people with my best interests at heart. All I’ve ever really wanted in friendship is people who I know will go out of their way to put a smile on my face and who I feel I would do the same for them. And I’ve found them and I feel so lucky.


I work with children, who are just blessings in themselves. A lot of teenagers work in fast food and constantly have to deal with rude adults. I work with kids who treat me like a sun goddess. They are always hilarious, and when I’m about done with parents berating me about prices that I did not set, one kid telling me they think my hair is pretty turns my day into sunshine.


There is no way for me to describe how blessed I feel towards each and every one of you. Most of you are strangers that keep on coming back and telling me all these amazing compliments that make me feel like warm honey. I wish I could repay all the love and support that has transpired these last two years (and especially this one) as they have been some of the best times of my life. Being able to write for you is a dream that I’m so happy is a reality. So happy.


I recently had a write an essay on spirituality, and as I was writing it, I thought about my personal relationship with God. Like most people, I turn to Him when I need something. But I also like to talk to him when I just want to have a conversation. I find that my relationship has grown a lot stronger in this past year and it’s gotten me through a lot of tough times. I’m extremely grateful for having Him in my life.


Now, go eat all that turkey and mashed potatoes and enjoy the time you have with those you are grateful for.

What are some Thanksgiving traditions at your house? What’s your favorite dish? And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, what are your views on the holiday? Please leave all answers below in the comments!

Have a good turkey day!

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