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Bones With Skin (February Guest Post)

Hello, and welcome to the first guest post of the 2014 blog year! Today I am very honoured to share with you one of my very best friends. She is a girl who has done so much for me and encourages me in all of my writing. She has been so encouraging during my “Pursuit of Happy-ness” and I couldn’t be my grateful for her. Back in December she won TE’s Best Holiday Season Ever giveaway contest, and below is her guest post! I am ridiculously excited to share this with you, and I know you all will give her amazing feedback. And with that, may I introduce you to one of my bests, my platonic boyfriend, the Honey Mamma to my Sweet Potato, Alex!



Hola Enthusiasts! Alexandra Reyes here! This week I have the privilege of writing on Morgan’s fabulous blog! And I must admit though I am excited to be doing so, I am also quite nervous. Currently feeling like a Swifty song, “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” Knowing Morgan has such lovely subscribers relieves most of my worries. I am an open book. Ask me anything and I shall answer. But please so do not feel offended if it’s not exactly what you wanted to hear. Though I am most commonly known for my bouncy curlz, I am even better known for my bouncy personality. Not to mention my ear drum breaking laugh. I am seen flaunting my smile most when around my family fiesta or my amazing girls. I am a big activists on self-creation; encouraging people to be themselves above all else. It’s the one thing you have to have control of amidst all the beautiful worldly chaos. When I’m not catching up on an episode of American Idol, I’m eating Hot Cheetos or pickles. I hope you lovelies enjoy this post! And remember, be strong, be brave, be you! -A

I think we forget we are humans.

We need the hair, the makeup, the perfect outfit, and the car to match the life style. Everything from the way you angle your iPhone to get the right selfie, to the way you flip your hair has to be perfect. God forbid your crush to see you at the local super market sporting none other than your baggy sweats with no makeup on in search of Doritos and powdered donut holes. But that’s just the thing, you are only human.

So if we came into this world with nothing, why do we insist on having it all in our life? Why do we insist on making everything perfect? Why do we care so much of the opinions of others? Specifically the opinions of people who we do not share our lives with. We have this idea that we need to do everything right, that there is only one way to do something or else we are doomed. These high expectations lead to low self-esteems. One thing goes wrong and the whole world goes down in ashes. That’s just the thing. We are only human.

Unexpected things are bound to happen. Some of them, things that may tear us down. The way you get back up says more about you than anything else will. It is okay to cry. It is okay to scream. It is more than okay to do these things even if you are a grown adult. Who says you can’t? Is there a rule book on life? So then how do you know what you are doing is wrong, or right for that matter?

You do not have to be happy all the time. You can have an ugly day if you need to. This includes me. I do not live a cookie-cutter life. I have my troublesome days. I cannot admit to having a glorious life. I am a happy-living-flawed-to-perfection-human-being. I think you should remember that every day. Say that to yourself every morning. I am a happy-living-flawed-to-perfection-human-being. Make it the first thing you say. Make it your screen saver, write it on your mirror, do something with it. Say it because it is true. Yes, I understand that life is filled with hardships, some unbearable. But if you prepare yourself, let yourself know you are a strong individual who can conquer all, then you will. Why can’t you? Who says you can’t? Because you can. Release all negative aspects of your life, whether it is an individual or conflict. Loose it all.

I feel that the song ‘Human,’ by Christina Perri can inspire us all. Her song captures many issues we as humans encounter in our day to day life. I think that’s why I like the song so much. It is very relatable. No, life is not easy, but why add so much more unnecessary stress worrying about what others think. Why worry about being perfect when all you need to be is yourself? Let’s worry about improving our own lives, living them to the fullest of their imagination. Go sky diving, scream from the top of your lungs, write a symphony, or bake your grannie cookies. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Do it because you want to.

After all, we are all just bones with skin.


If you love Alex as much as I do, please go follow her on Twitter @alex_curlz









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