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Boring Drives, Biting Pups & Bringing Home the Boyfriend

I went home last weekend.

Yes, that was a really boring first sentence to explain my fantabulous title, but it’s the most accurate way to describe what this is about.

I went home last weekend.

My parents bought the most adorable puppy on the planet and I just had to go visit him. I mean, when something is as cute as Cooper you are naturally attracted to run over and pet him immediately! This meant, of course, driving five hours in order to get to my house, and then soaking up any time I could get with him before driving another five hours.


Fun fact, the drive from university to home is a drive I am very familiar with and continually bored with. It’s really gorgeous and there’s forest and Multnomah Falls for the first few hours. And then you hit the lack of vegetation and continuous boring landscape bit. As someone who has done the drive many a time, blocking out the boredom and putting on some catchy tunes is pretty regular. For someone who has not done the drive, you know you’re entering the Twilight Zone of Oregon.


IMG_3153 copy

Meet Cooper! If you follow my Instagram you’ve definitely seen a picture or two of this cutie pie. Cooper is 10 weeks old and a total biter. And when you first meet him it’s really obvious. My poor boyfriend’s hands were chewed to bits an hour into our visit! Cooper is very adorable though and I’m so happy to have him as part of my family. The morning after we arrived I woke up and went into the kitchen for Cooper to lick my toes and nudge my knees. It was too cute! This little pup has stolen my heart.


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.47.39 PM

This was the first time both my parents met my boyfriend. There’s been impromptu Facetime chats, a minute or two as we do the drop off for winter break and plenty of phone calls, but never an actual meeting. And it went great! My dad had the flu and we were drained from driving so much, but the overall meeting went great. If you know me you know I get anxiety from the smallest of events, and you know this one was a biggie! But there was no reason to worry. That’s the thing: when people fit correctly into your life, they all get along.

He also got to meet my best friends. And let’s just say he got the best friend stamp of approval.


That was my weekend, sweet and short! It was kind of a doozy that included 10+ hours of driving time, but it was a great bonding experience and nice to show my boyfriend where I went to high school. And getting to see family and friends is always important to me, so it was great to get that quality time in. Only a few more weeks until I go back now!

Stay classy, Internet,










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