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British Boys Give Me Chest Pains (A Q&A)

After being sent questions on Tumblr, Twitter, and just through email, I decided that there were enough questions to choke out another Q&A. As usual, I am being my usual cheeky self, but no one gave me any celebrity crush ultimatums, so that was a bit different. Anyway, here are the questions you sent me and I answered! Enjoy!

If you were to have of the opposite gender, what name would you want to have?

Probably Will or some other short name. I tend to really love four-letter boy names.

What is your spirit animal?

An English Foxhound. Because they are very British but live in America. (I once said this at a magazine meeting and 300 people about lost it when I said it.)

Current celebrity crush?

Nico Mirallegro. He gives me chest pains.

One thing you want people to know about you?

Almost everything I say is a joke. My personality is a bit of a joke to be honest. All of my crazy fangirl shenanigans, my retorts, and most of the things that I do are meant to be a laugh. I’m usually not serious.

Rural area, small town, suburb, or big city?

Big city.

What year of school was best for you?

Probably my Senior year. There was a bit of drama, but honestly some of my favourite memories came from those 9 months. Trips, times with friends, and just starting the last year of high school was truly great.

What is something exciting that has happened to you recently?

Polly Shulman, the author of “Enthusiasm,” the book that inspired me to truly embrace my enthusiast qualities, has been Tweeting me all week and we’ve been discussing her book. It is so cool!

@PotatoesHegarty Hey, it's SO IMPORTANT to ME that you liked my book!! — Polly Shulman (@PollyShulman) February 26, 2014

TV shows you like?

“The Carrie Diaries,” “Once Upon a Time,” and recently “My Mad Fat Diary.”

What is your advice to teenagers trying to make it big with writing?

Get your writing wherever you can. Start writing for Huffington Post or another online publication that takes freelance writers. You might not get paid, but your portfolio will grow to epic proportions.

Do you enjoy being single?

Usually, yes. When there are cute band boys on my laptop screen, no.

Wait, you’re seeing One Direction?

Yes! I’ve been making these plans for weeks and I finally purchased my tickets last week. I’m really excited to go see them! Plus, as disappointed as I was that I couldn’t go see 5 Seconds of Summer on their American tour, I can see them on the stadium tour, so it’s a two-for-one concert extravaganza!

If you’re going to any of the Rose Bowl concerts, message me. I’d love to meet some of you! I’ll be there for a few days. One of my goals this year is to meet more of you!

What are some of the best quotes from the books you have written?

“He’s a drummer, so of course he is ruggedly handsome.” – Confessions of a British Starlet (original draft)

“My knight in shining shinguards.” – Confessions of L.A. (deleted sequel to CBS)

“It isn’t his fault the birthmark on his arm looks like male genitals.” –  The Completely Real Story of My Fake Boyfriend

“Cue most cliche/traitorous/affair-ridden plot ever.” – Affairs

Odd fact about yourself?

So, a while back my best friend noticed that I say “Ireland” weird. I thought maybe it was in an Irish accent, but after learning how to do an Irish accent I know that the two accents are different. A week ago I was watching a Scottish advert and I realized something. I say “Ireland” in a Scottish accent.

Are you excited for Spring Break?

Yes! I’m going to Utah to see friends and I have a job interview!

What made you want to start blogging? Any tips for keeping inspired to write?

I wanted to start blogging because I have this weird obsession with fame, and I figured that the best way to get famous was to write publicly. Of course, it ended up with me wanting to spread the things I thought were important to a bigger audience. I wanted to write online to be an older sister of the Internet, to give advice to those who maybe don’t have someone to turn to, and I still continue to do that. What started out as just wanting to be famous has developed into me just wanting to be a person who can help others out. As for keeping inspired, I guess you just have to remember why you started writing. We get so caught up with what is going on with our lives that we forget the things we love. Keeping those in mind is what helps me write even when my inspiration is drained. One thing I like to do is take a day off of writing and watch television shows I like or go out with friends. Clears all that fog out instantly.

What is so wrong with American boys?

Nothing. I just have a type and it’s not American. I feel like accents are a requirement for any relationship I am in.

Who is your favorite boy band?

I guess One Direction is really the only boy band I listen to. I usually just listen to bands. (There is a difference, Google it.)

Who is your March guest blogger?

It’s still a secret, but she is absolutely amazing and I’m having such a great time getting to know her.

What is your 2014 bucket list?

  1. Do three interviews

  2. See One Direction

  3. Finish the re-write for Confessions of a British Starlet

  4. Read my entire 2014 Bucket List here and watch me check things off

Why do you always tease your friend Alex about Luke Hemmings?

First off, it’s totally a joke meant in good humour. When my friends and I discovered 5 Seconds of Summer he was the one she thought was cute and I’m the kind of friend who loves to discuss celebrity crushes. It’s just my form of showing affection. Plus, I make some pretty ace jokes about her crush, so we all get to enjoy the comedy of the situation.

@KatySaysThings: "Alex is on Instagram! Do you know why?" "Lukestagram!"” The story of @alex_curlz Instagram. — Morgan Hegarty (@PotatoesHegarty) February 28, 2014

Weird habit you have?

If I watch British television for too long I accidentally speak in a British accent at the most inappropriate of times. And when I’m angry I naturally start snapping in a posh British accent. That scared all the boys in my sixth grade History group.

Stay classy, Internet,










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