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Can I Have Your Number?

WHOA! What a crazy week!

You know that week that never ends up how you expected it to? That was my week. Why?

There were a LOT of people asking for my number.

And each time someone asked me for my number (for a multitude of reasons. Not all romantically.) it made me think of how there are so many ways to ask for someone’s number.

A big demographic on this here blog is teenage girls, which makes sense considering a teenage girl is writing it. And I am constantly asked for dating advice and how to talk to a boy and all of that. So, for those readers, here is how you are going to get his number.


This one works best if you are asking in a romantic way. Otherwise people might get the wrong idea. The trick for this approach is to have some insight on this person (something they might be proud of/be part of) and incorporate it into your asking.

“So, does Mr. All-State Champ have a phone number?”


This approach can be used in both romantic and friendly circumstances. I’ve only seen it used in friendly circumstances, but try what you want. The idea is to make the fact you are asking for their number is only for business reasons, not for your more ulterior motives.

“You’re one of the chairmen for the dance, right? Can I have your number if I have any questions?”


I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorites. If you are working with someone (either alone or in a group), you will obviously need to text them to make sure the project is coming together nicely. So do it.

“Hey, I really want a good grade on this, so I think to make our chances better we should exchange numbers so we can keep up on each other’s progress.”


This one is a bit more opposite (as you give him your phone number) but it has a bit of the same result. This works best if you sit near someone in class and you have textbooks (bonus points if it is in math). The trick is to grab the textbook, as if looking at a problem, then slipping the paper on the page he was looking at.

On paper: “Your book was missing a few numbers: (your phone number)”


If you and your person are wearing a similar article of clothing (shoes, tshirt, both wearing stripes, etc.) this is perfect.

“You’re wearing Vans too? Obviously I’m going to need your number to prevent more of this twin-ness.”


If they are in a play or doing something that requires them to perform in front of a lot of people, this is just a quirky way to get their number. I recommend to use this after the performance. Side note: Definitely go to the performance.

“Judging from that applause I’d say you’re famous. I don’t have any famous people in my phone. Want to be the first?”


This is the easiest approach and works for everyone, as even shy people can do it. “You know, sometimes all it takes is twenty seconds of insane courage.” – We Bought a Zoo

“Hey, you’re funny. We should text sometime. What’s your number?”

I hope you enjoyed all of those! If I missed out on an approach, please comment so below. And if you use any of these approaches, please comment below with your result.

NOTE: These work for all genders. So boys, go get a girl’s number. Girls, go get a boy’s number. I have faith.

I expect a lot of texting to be going on this weekend!

Keep it classy internet.

P.S. Last night I went out with some of my girls and I was explaining to my friend about this guy asking for my number and she introduced this video to me. I thought it was fitting.

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