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Challenges of this Year

2011 has been a challenging year. With the recession being at it’s zenith and unemployment slowly getting better, it’s a wonder we survived it all. Especially after ‘The Rapture’ was supposed to happen.

You all deserve a round of applause. Really. Everyone has gone through their struggles this year, some easier than others I’m sure, and to have made it this far, to December 29th, that’s an accomplishment. You didn’t jump off a building when your house was foreclosed. You didn’t hang yourself on the closet when you couldn’t get financial aid. Whatever it was, you are here now and I’m proud of you.

Now, because I am writing this, I only know my own personal struggles. And compared to others, I’m sure mine are nothing. But to me, they are something and affected me. And they will always help shape who I am and make me stronger and when I feel like I am about to collapse with the world on my shoulders, I remember what I’ve gone through and I push on through.

My biggest struggles this year have been:

  1. My dog’s tumors. Watching my dear Dutch get tumor after tumor has been difficult for me. I know this life is dwindling and I’m really trying to come to terms with it. It’s been very, very difficult.

  2. School. I took my first two AP classes this year and it’s been taking a toll with my other honors and such classes.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy. I believe as we all grew up our parents reminded us that every time we said, “But it isn’t fair!” I got that a lot when I was a kid. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I hope you are all looking to ending 2011 and starting 2012 on a good foot. We’re faced our challenges and now have to raise our shields and battle through yet another year. But I know we can do it if we stick together.

Looking forward to writing for you for another year!

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