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Confessions of a Writer

From writing essays in school to typing up a blog post each week to trying to finish my summer novel (only a few more chapters to go), I guess you could call me a writer.

There are two kinds of writers. Those who create a literary work and modestly say that while it exists, it is not the best written or even well written. And then there are those who create something and believe it is the work of the Lords above and everyone should read this beautiful piece of art. I fall into the first category. No matter how much work or effort is put into a piece, I accept it for what it is. Moderate.

I’ve been writing for a long time, but only on the Internet for a few short years. In this time you’ve allowed me to experiment in many forms and grow my writing abilities. Over this time you have also asked me questions. While I have answered some of them, I have kept a short list of questions you have had for me in my writing process, especially on blog posts and novels. I’m going to share my answers now.

Where do you find the inspiration?

Blog posts: My daily life, articles on the web, or whatever I’m learning in school. My first recognized post was about a play I was reading in school. The article I had published in HuffPost Teen was in response to a girl writing about being upset that her celebrity crush was engaged. Sometimes I write things that I think would pertain to my audience’s life, such as starting school posts in September. I try to write things that I hope the 700 people following me will want to read and will encourage them to think or take action. Or enjoy themselves for ten minutes.

Novels: Out of my bum. My current novel that I am trying to finish before I start school (40,000+ words in under four months) came from a collection of different things. TV shows, books, short stories, movies all combined into my head until suddenly this little story started playing in my brain like a film and I knew I had to write this book otherwise it would plague me. And now here I am, 34,000 words in, and still finding inspiration from about anything that comes to my head.

What music do you listen to when you’re writing?

Anything with soul, like Bruno Mars or Adele. Or I listen to the Top Hits Pandora station. I have one playlist that is only ‘Beside You’ by 5SOS and ‘Drunk’ by Ed Sheeran because they have the same themes as the novel I’m writing. I’ll listen to the playlist on repeat for hours when I’m writing.

How do you fight writer’s block?

There really isn’t one way. There is another writer who I email back and forth with and the two of us are always complaining about our writers block. In July I barely wrote one word. By pressuring myself to write I end up more stressed and I don’t want to write when I’m stressed. I guess my advice to anyone who is having trouble writing is to clear your brain. A blank slate is the best way to start out a story.

How do you deal with the hate?

Ah, so I’m not the only one who notices it. They say you know you are officially famous when you start receiving hate. So slap me on the back and call me a celebrity! Whenever I get a negative comment, which has recently become more often, I have to remind myself that the comment is not about me. Usually these people have no idea about who I am. They are unhappy people who want to see me hurt from their words. So I pick myself up from my sober mood and tell myself that for every ‘hater’ there are five more people who read it and thought, “Wow, this is kind of cool’”. And then I feel better and move on. By dwelling on it I’m making those hateful people feel better, and by ignoring it they just feel worse.

Is it scary to write about things people might not like?

Yes. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. I literally will stay up night thinking about how people might not like something that I posted or might post. It’s a confidence issue, but one that a lot of writers have. Or at least the first category of writers have. If I want to be a true journalist I know that I’m going to have to write about things that might make me uncomfortable or that not everyone will agree with me 100%. And yeah, how terrified that makes me might never go away, but I have to stick to writing about the things that I think are worth talking about.

How can you possibly think you’ll get a job writing?

I don’t. So I’m studying Communications in hopes that I will find a job in something else that I really enjoy until I can make my dreams of writing come true. Maybe they never will, but optimism is key in the job market.


I hope that answered the questions you guys have been asking me for a while!

Things are starting to change in my life, and that means that they will carry onto Teenage Enthusiasm. I hope you’ll stick around because while they might be changing, it’s only for the better!

I love you all so dearly and I wish I could give you all hugs for making me feel even slightly important in the millions of blogs on the Internet.

Stay classy Internet,









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