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Crayola Colors

Have you ever been drawing a picture with a box of crayons and suddenly thought, “Who came up with the name Pumpkin Orange?”

 I’ve always thought the best jobs in the world are people who get to name colors. It’s basically just taking a color and putting an object that same color in front of it. Examples:

Blue + Sky = Sky Blue

Pink + Lips = Lipstick Pink

 Simple, silly, two second thought names and people make money off them. But of course, they have to be appealing names. No ‘Barf Yellow’ or ‘Poop Brown’. That’s simply distasteful. It might be simple, but it does require some talent.

One of my absolute favorite movies, and the movie that inspired me to think of color names, is My One and Only, starring Renée Zellweger and Logan Lerman. In the movie, Zellweger’s character is on the look for love, but with awful candidates. Traveling all the way to St. Louis from her native New York City, she meets a man who makes paint and names them all himself. Of course, his pick up line is to call her hair Heavenly Gold. Who wouldn’t want to marry a man after he calls your hair Heavenly Gold?

The people who name crayons are pretty cool. Sometimes just picking up a crayon and looking at the name is entertaining.

What are some of your favorite Crayola names?

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