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Crossing "Running in Heels" Off My Bucket List

I’m a homebody. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. My idea of a good night is sitting in my living room with mounds of chocolate watching The BRIT Awards with my best girls. Seriously, last February that was my wildest night yet.

At the ICCA A Cappella 2014 Tournament with this angel. We're wearing heels. Get on our level. — The Enthusiast (@ThatEnthusiast) February 2, 2014

Last night I went to the ICCA 2014 Western Region Quarterfinal 2014 Tournament. In other words, I went to go watch an A Cappella tournament and one group sang a Pitch Perfect song. Get on my level.

My time in Eugene has been pretty uneventful. I have yet to go to a frat party (I’m much too lazy to dress slutty and go find one in the cold winter) and the most exciting night time activity is to watch the on-campus movie nights each Thursday. It’s a simple existence, but one I am usually happy with. But when I discovered that there was an A Cappella tournament, I knew spending $15 and going with a friend would be a good idea.

We decided to make a night of it. Dress up, do our hair, take the bus with the classy people of Eugene. It was the first time I’d worn heels since my Senior prom. And, as embarrassed as I am to admit it, people probably doubted my sobriety due to my lack of poise the first twenty minutes I wore them. I can assure you all I had was green tea and orange juice.

The actual ICCAs were fantastic! The groups singing were so talented and their performances were top notch. One group did a spectacular T-Swift/Biebs mashup of “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “As Long As You Love Me” and I was sitting there fangirling in my seat because it was truly brilliant. University of Oregon’s own all-male A Cappella group On The Rocks hosted and my friend and I were very excited as they are about our favorite thing ever. We even met them afterwards!

After the show a lady came up to my friend and said, “Good job!” even though my friend was an audience member. Good memories!

Now onto the whole “How does this all relate to the title” thing, because that’s what you all are actually interested in. Once the show was over and we unfortunately had to make our way back to the dorms at ten o’clock at night (and we had starving stomachs that would likely implode) we made our way to the bus station. Now, here’s the thing about the bus station. Once it pulls into the station, it doesn’t leave for about five more minutes. So we ran a block in heels and fancy dresses towards  a bus that wouldn’t leave until a few minutes after we sat down. I have a blister on my left pinky toe to prove it.

But enough fun memories to make up for it!

For this being my first night really “doing” something in Eugene, last night was really worth it. A good night of music, friends, and fancy dressing. Even if the lady at the checkout stand at the school cafeteria gave me the “Hookers aren’t allowed in the cafeteria” glare, considering I was covered and keeping it classy (children go to these things!), I’m going to pass it off as a good night.

How did you spend your Saturday night? Could it possibly rival mine? No.

Stay classy, Internet,


P.S. The friend I went to the ICCAs with is another blogger. Check out her blog wickedadorable and drop her a little note saying she’s awesome! I live with the girl and she’s the greatest!








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