David Tennant and Schedule

I haven’t posted the last two days because I was on vacation. I drove back today 🙁 but not after getting my picture taken with David Tennant! Or rather, a huge cardboard cut-out of him. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Yes, it’s me. The wildly unpredictable blogger. I blog every day for a week and then do one small and not worth reading post the next. But that’s because I don’t stick to a schedule.

It takes a very organized and dedicated person to be a regular, scheduled blogger. Some bloggers just write when they have something to write or when they have the time. That’s me. Other bloggers stick to certain days to blog and if they can’t write that day, they always have reserve posts. That’s the people I envy.

I wish I had the time to think of a few ideas and make little reserve posts. And it’s not that I’m not organized. I’m just busy. But I have definitely been better about posting lately. You might not always be sure when the next post is coming, but you can know that one will be there each Saturday.

Since I am still in high school and being a student from Monday to Friday can be very time consuming I know that on Saturday I usually have some downtime. So, I created Stumble Saturday, where every Saturday I find something on Stumbleupon and write about it. This last Saturday it was all about model cars. It helps me stick to a time where my readers can know I will be writing. And that reassurance I know makes them keep reading.

To those who stick to your regular posting schedule, I really do congratulate you. You make lots of time to make sure you have new content for people to read. So, as a result of this, I am making a resolution to post more regularly. No every-day-one-week-once-the-next. I will try to keep the same amount of posts each week, a good three or so. I will keep to this, and if I can’t, I will definitely let you know. Because I am reliable. Just ask my friends.

Thank you for reading and just being so darn fabulous. This is my first post this week and you can expect one on Thursday and one on Saturday. I promise you that!

P.S. And you can always check my Facebook. I regularly update people there with jokes, post updates and other fun stuff.

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