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Decorating Tips for College Living

Living on a college budget and still having a beautifully decorated space is one of life’s biggest challenges. I understand skrimping pennies, but I also believe a gorgeous home boost happiness and productivity. So why not save money and have a beautiful home?

Living with great decor is a lot easier than imagined, and it doesn’t have to come with a designer’s budget to pull it off. Simply choosing pieces that look high end, or using a great deal of creative designing, can easily make your tiny dorm/apartment space look amazing. And you won’t need to eat ramen the rest of the week!

Let’s get decorating!

The Enthusiast’s Guide to College Decorating on a Budget

Double duty

Do It Yourself Color Dipped Stool - ikea hack:

Because you’re limited on space and money, do yourself a favour and buy items that can double up. A stool that can also be used as a table? Score! Furnishing your place with items that have multiple uses will save you money in the long run, and give you the option to mix up your decor more often.

Use mugs to decorate

If you’re like my apartment, you likely have a million mugs. And instead of taking up precious cabinet space – and alleviating the struggle of finding the perfect mug in the very back in the morning – hang your mugs on a rack on an empty wall for a cheap decoration that looks cool and puts all mugs on display for that afternoon cuppa.

Excessive cheap decor looks expensive


If you use enough cheap decorations in a tasteful way, they end up looking expensive and beautiful. Stick to a single colour scheme (like the above neutrals) and arrange in a modular way for a minimal decor taste. Add twinkle lights (which are super cheap after holidays!) for some light. It won’t look cheap, but put together and functional.

Throw pillows do all the work

Cute Throw Pillows for your Dorm from Target

If you don’t want to go all out for a couch or a pretty comforter, buy inexpensive throw pillows that add personality to your space. There are so many colours, designs, and types of throw pillows that you won’t ever get bored with your space, plus they’re usually cheap enough that you can buy new ones when you get bored!

Succulents bring life – and won’t stress you out

strong contrast of the muted colours and then pops of copper and vibrant green looks amazing:

If you’re still struggling to decorate on a budget, try buying some succulents to liven up your space. Their long lifespan makes them a worthy investment, and you can have them for all your future living areas. Stick them in a new pot when you get bored, and enjoy the colour and air they offer your space.


How do you decorate on a budget?

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