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Discover Passion

I love my J100 class. I love my J100 class.

When glancing over my class schedule for this term, when I had expected that my Media Professions class would bore me, I have found that it is truly my favorite class. It is my Monday and Wednesday 2 o’clock drug.

The man who teaches my class, William Ryan, should honestly consider a career in motivational speaking. I would pay money to listen to him…wait, I already do…

In class Wednesday he gave us a basic overview of everything we should be doing to advance in our Journalism careers. And there is one thing he said that really spiked my blood.

Discover passion. Love what you do. Live your life!

I spent two hours in class with so many emotions running through me that I am surprised I did not cry. Because all people tell you do is to follow the motions: Go to university, get married, have kids, retire, die. But how often tell you to do what you enjoy and run willy nilly with it? Answer: once in a lifetime.

The rest of lecture was spent with me paying attention and trying to place Ryan’s words into my own life. What was I passionate about? I have always loved writing, but what was I passionate writing about?

I thought about this blog, and how even though it is a blog of my enthusiasms, there are so many topics that I have covered in the last three years. I don’t have a niche. This website is a compilation of my brain and a laptop working together. And, as Ryan said, find something you are passionate about and can write about forever. Which led to a thirty minute debate of me discovering what I am truly passionate about. And I think I figured it out.

FAME. The very word gives me shivers. There is something about the people, films, songs, etc. that are internationally recognized that I cannot get enough of. As a child and young teen I was fascinated by the glossy pictures of magazines and liked to place myself in those positions, big sunglasses and Starbucks in hand. It is a world that has captured my attention for the longest of anything I can remember. As an enthusiast, I am constantly discovering and becoming obsessed with new things. But fame is something that keeps my blood flowing even on the roughest days.

People make fun of me for my borderline obsession with boy bands and actors and Top 40 hits, but I cannot help it. And I shouldn’t be embarrassed, as I’ve always thought I should be. There is something about the most popular media that continues to inspire me. My dream job is one where I can spend all day talking about them. I do it now and all that accomplishes is annoying my friends.

I discovered my true passion today. It has always been there, but now I know where to look to feed my passion and make a living out of it. Because what is the point of a career unless you are in love with it?

 To conclude this post, discover your passion. Take a few minutes to see what truly interests you. Not just writing or filmmaking or whatever medium you prefer. What topic truly interests you? Baseball, knitting, third world countries, Italian design? Take this time to fully encompass a subject that will change your life.

Meanwhile, I am going to work a bit more with this fame thing. Who knows what it could go?

Stay classy, Internet,


P.S. As I have recently acquired Cormac the MacBook, I am on the hunt for good Mac Apps to purchase. What apps do you think are essential for me? Any for blogging I should be aware of?








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