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DIY: Groovy Tumbler!

In high school, everyone drinks coffee. It’s the only thing that keeps us awake for 7 grueling hours of learning. And with that huge sea of tumblers and Starbucks cups, you need to stand out.

And I have the perfect way.


  1. A Create-Your-Own tumbler from Starbucks (which you can buy here)

  2. Some full-size (8×11) photographs of things you love

  3. Some scissors

  4. A pencil

I was given a Create-Your-Own tumbler for my birthday this year, but had this old piece of patterned construction paper in it. Now, the paper is all ripped up and I want a change. And I want it to be a super amazing change. So I’m going to go from blah to brilliant in seconds.

FIRST Choose a design you want for your tumbler. Whether it be a fun design pattern or your favorite picture, it doesn’t matter. Personally, I chose the Doctor Who minimalist photo from my header because it’s really cool looking and the 3-D glasses are bloody original on a coffee tumbler.

THIRD Carefully cut out your design.

FOURTH Curl your design into the mug. Be careful not to harm the edges sticking out of the cup, because if you want to take it out ever, it will be difficult to remove with crushed edges.

FIFTH We’re done! You now have a super groovy, stand-out-from-the-crowd tumbler that will make sure that you are never boring or unoriginal.

Be good with your coffee consumption and be sure to share your coffee tumbler designs with me on my Facebook page (which you can reach by clicking here)!

Stay groovy 😉

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