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DIY Sticky Note Calendar

There’s something about a functional, beautiful, Pinterest-y calendar that makes you instantly want to do it. And that’s what I’m sharing with you today!


I wanted something I could put my entire term schedule on, but I could still move dates around as assignments were moved around. And that’s where the sticky note idea came in. Why not make 11 rows of sticky notes, with five columns, and put the assignments on Monday-Friday? And that is how my sticky note calendar came to be.

DIY Sticky Note Term Calendar

1. Choose colours


Going through the sticky notes in my desk drawer, I realized that I have waaaaaaaaaaay too many sticky notes. Pink, white, highlighter green, magenta, blue, etc. For my calendar I ended up using a majority of the sticky notes I had at the time, but feel free to have a theme. A friend of mine gave me New York-themed sticky notes, so those are going towards next term’s calendar!

2. Determine your weeks/days

For me, my term is 11 weeks so that’s how many rows I made. And since I only have big projects/exams on Monday-Friday, I only made five rows. If you’re making a monthly calendar use four rows and seven columns. Use the appropriate number of rows and columns to make the calendar you want to make.

3. Start placing sticky notes – EVENLY


Now that you’ve determined how big your calendar is, find a place on the wall to place it and start sticking down sticky notes. Make sure they are spaced evenly to create that organization that this calendar is all about.

4. Alternate colours

Something I love about this calendar is that it has a very fun feeling to it because of the many colours. That’s why I alternated colours – no colour could touch another. It made for a cooler dynamic and meant that I wouldn’t overuse one colour.

5. Make sure everything is spaced correctly


When you’ve finished placing all your sticky notes on the wall, look from the top of the calendar straight down. If you can’t see the wall in a straight line, you have a sticky note not in alignment.

6. Write in your events


Excuse my bad writng-on-a-wall handwriting

Now, you can also write your events before you put the sticky notes on, but that requires more brain power, and we’re definitely not all about that. I wrote mine in dark black pen, but use whatever colour/pen thickness you want for your calendar to make it even more dynamic looking. And when the event is over, simply tear it down and replace it with another sticky note.


What do you guys think of my DIY project? If you’re going to do this please send me pictures. I’d love to see how you make it your own!

I hope you’re all having a really fun weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Stay classy, Internet,










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