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Don't Slurp Your Soup: A Guide to Fandom Etiquette

I am part of many a fandom as you all know, and because of that I am always on the internet searching for news about tv shows, movies, bands, books, etc. Because of this, I am always coming across amazing fan art, hilarious gif sets, and mildly inappropriate dreams of teenage girls. I love being in fandoms because the people are all bonding over a similar interest and everything is good!

Except for last night.

Last night I experienced something that made me almost physically sick. And as someone who does not involve herself in fandom drama because it is pointless, I have to take a stand now. I’m sorry, but what I experienced is not okay.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.42.35 AM

First off, the fact that this trended makes me ridiculously upset. No, this is not okay. At all. Ashton Irwin is a real person with real feelings and you cannot do that. Telling someone to harm themselves, whether they are famous or not, is the most inhumane thing you can do. And it’s deplorable. To anyone who used this hashtag, please get some therapy and get some major detox time. You obviously need an attitude adjustment. Second, this is unnecessary. If you’re upset with what someone does, take it up with them personally, do not hide behind your computer screen. And third, Ashton Irwin is a little piece of sunshine, so back off!

For back story, the drummer of 5 Seconds of Summer (who you guys know is in my Top 5 Bands list) Ashton Irwin responded to a rather rude comment from a fan on Twitter where he basically just corrected her, and the whole world flew up in flames and ended with this disgusting hashtag. The whole event was unnecessary and cruel and I think I stand for the entire fandom when I say, “Someone get Ashton some hot chocolate and a hug.”

Along with all of this, everyone who acknowledged that all the drama was going waaaaaaaaaaaay too far, another hashtag came up and I (who never really participates in the whole hashtag thing) got on the bandwagon because no one should have to go through the intense hate that was presented last night.

Some people are sunshine and some people are rain clouds. Let's keep my favorite sunshine going around! #KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou — Morgan Hegarty (@PotatoesHegarty) April 13, 2014

So, yeah, before you all go around harassing my celebrity crush again, let’s go over some fan etiquette.

Don’t Slurp Your Soup: A Guide to Fandom Etiquette

  1. Treat people like real people. Unless your fandom includes made up characters, respect the people as real people. They have feelings, emotions, and you have the power to affect their self-esteem. Just like them coming up and saying something negative to you, imagine it the other way around, but with hundreds of other fans. Yeah, makes you want to only say positive things to your idols now, huh?

  2. Respect their personal lives. I don’t care who it is, but if you are dealing with a living, breathing human, respect their private lives. You have no say in their lives and they should do what they want to. We all bag on Justin Bieber, but he just continues doing what he wants. It’s the same with everyone else. You don’t have a say in what they do. So power off your fingers and watch their lives from your newsfeed without making a comment.

  3. Do not mob. I once was caught in a gigantic blob of people in gym class and I couldn’t escape. It was terrifying. Don’t do this to the people you look up to. Not being able to breathe and feeling claustrophobic is not the correct way to thank them for entertaining you on a regular basis. Give them space.

  4. Use social media wisely. Just because you have the opportunity to tweet your favourite celebrities doesn’t mean you can abuse it. Tell them how much you look up to them, comment on their hilarious antics, and promote their current works. Do not harass them, do not spread rumours, and do not be rude to their friends and family. Treat them like you do your own friends.

All of this goes back to one of my longest arguments: Treat celebrities as you would anyone else. I said it in my Huffington Post article and I will say it until the cows come home. Just because they have more Twitter followers than you doesn’t mean they can’t be affected.

I’m going to let this food for thought sink in while we kick off another great week! It’s Sunday, which means five more days of work, but we can do it! Everyone have a beautiful week. I love you!

Stay classy, Internet,










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