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Don’t Waste the Hours

Yesterday in my Careers class we watched a video by John Bytheway. It was called What’s in Your Backpack? and I definitely recommend you watch it.

The video was about how you need to focus on the positive aspects of your life to keep you going up the trail of life. Mr. Bytheway did a really nice job of getting his message across without being too demanding or forceful. It was funny and really enjoyable to watch.

While watching the video, he said something that really struck a chord with me. “Take your most unproductive hours and turn them into your most productive hours.” Mr. Bytheway himself took away the time he spent watching TV at night and got up earlier and wrote some of his book for a few hours in the morning. In four months he had written a whole novel.

The was really inspirational to me. To take the time where I have nothing to show for it and turning it into the time where I can have multiple projects done, that’s insane! So I tried it. Last night, instead of staying up and watching YouTube videos, I read a little of my book and then went to bed a little early. This morning I woke up at 5 (like I usually do), but instead of showering and then lying on the couch watching television until 6, I took a shower, did exercise for a while, and then started to write this blog post. I’m actually doing something with my life and all it took was to not sit on the couch.

So, my challenge for all of you today is to try the same thing. Take your most unproductive hours and turn them into your most productive hours. Try it, and then write me an email telling me how it went. Did you feel better and more productive? Or do you still wish you had sat on the couch and watched a show that you’ll forget it three years? Email me, please, about what you experienced! My email is

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