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Dress to Impress…Yourself

My mom and I have this little game. It goes something like this:

Mom: Do you have a crush on someone? Me: No. Mom: But don’t you have someone that you want to look cute for? Me: No.

Each time we play this little game I think about what my mom says. Every girl should have that special someone they want to look cute for. And I do, myself.

In books, films, real life, etc. there is a cliché of girls who spend hours getting ready to impress boys. It’s all about looking good to make boys notice us so they can ask us to Prom and marry us and have adorable children. But in reality, boys do not care if your necklace is the right accent color for your top. It’s sad, but true.

The real reason you should put on makeup and actually wear real-people pants (what me and my best friend call jeans) is that you should want to impress yourself.

Who cares if Oliver from Physics is going to see you, the only person who should care that your butt looks really good in those pants is you! You need to be your own personal motivator, Like I said in my ‘Love Yourself’ article, you can’t love someone else unless you love you!

So, this is a public service announcement to women all over.


Nothing makes you feel better than when you feel good about yourself. I remember in fifth grade listening to the radio and the radio DJ said, “Studies show that students who like the clothes they are wearing tend to do better in exams.” On days when I don’t feel my best, I put on a cute dress and I feel my mood instantly lift, because I know I look good. And me knowing that I look good mean a lot more than anyone else thinking I look good.

This said, I’m giving you all my challenge of the week. Prepare, it’s kind of a tough one. Kidding!

CHALLENGE: Go one week without trying to impress anyone but yourself. Put on a cute outfit that makes you feel good! Then, if you’d like, make sure to send me a picture of Twitter (@teenenthusiasm) to prove that you did the challenge!

Okay guys, that’s what I’m holding you to. Don’t let me down!

Stay classy Internet,






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