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Easy, Affordable Swaps to Live More Sustainably

Sustainability is the way of the future, no way around it. If you want to protect your future family's right to living on a healthy planet we need to act now. Being sustainable is easy, and lots of companies now offer items that make it affordable. When I started my green journey in 2013 after moving to Eugene, Oregon, I knew that I could never look back. We only get one planet, so let's treat it special!

I've rounded up my favourite sustainable purchases over the years. And even when you think "That's kind of a lot for cotton rounds..." remember that these items can be used over and over again. So while my 100 for $2 drugstore cotton rounds may last me for a month, my16 for $10 reusable cotton rounds are going to last me years and years before I need to replace. Sustainability not only saves our planet but is cheaper long term. The products I share today are affordable on most budgets, but will also save you money in the long run making them an even better investment for today. And no, no one is paying me for this - although it would be cool if they did!

Instead of Single Use Cotton Rounds...Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable cotton rounds may be my overall best sustainable investment. I was going through so many cotton rounds when I washed my face (a lot of products require them for application) and it was eating my wallet alive repuchasing them. Not to mention how terrible they are for the environment! My $10 reusable cotton rounds are incredible, and the fact I can wash them whenever means I never run out. In the six months I've owned them, they have become the #1 item I recommend to people for sustainability and skincare.

Purchase reusable cotton rounds here.

Instead of Plastic Wrap...Beeswax Food Wraps

Anyone else super lazy to put your leftovers in an airtight container? Plastic wrap is truly the most incredible thing for placing over a bowl to reheat later. But it's also a major factor in destroying the planet. Beeswax wraps are a great alternative. Not only will you never go "oh dang, we're out of plastic wrap and need to go to the store" again, but you now have something much more stylish to cover your leftovers in. Simply warm up the beeswax between your hands and then cover your bowl. It will adhere to any edge you need. I also have beeswax bags that act as great substitutes to plastic bags for sandwiches or random scraps.

Purchase beeswax wraps here. Trader Joe's also sells beeswax wraps and bags in their stores.

Instead of New Bottles of Cleaning Products...Tablet Cleaners

One of the biggest culprits of the plastic takeover is cleaning products. Unless you're making your own products - which many of us are too lazy to do - you are spending money on a new bottle of cleaner every few months. That's at least 6-10 bottles of cleaning supplies a year. And then I discovered Blueland & Co's tablet cleaners! They come in a glass bottle and you mix the tablet with water and voila, cleaning liquid! When it's gone, simply order more affordably-priced tablets and reuse the bottle. And the company doesn't stop there, they also minimize plastic use with dishwasher tablets, laundry tablets, soap tablets, and more! I purchased the dishwasher tablets (which do not have a plastic coating) and as I run out of my less sustainable cleaning supplies will be back to buy other offerings.

Purchase tablet cleaners here.

Instead of Plastic Grocery Bags...Resusable Bags

I was 17 when I learned about reusable grocery bags. And it kind of blew my mind more people weren't using them. They look much more chic than those beige Safeway plastic bags! I keep several in my trunk at all times, and they come in handy for more than just my weekly run to Trader Joe's. You can even take it a step further and buy mesh produce bags to take plastic out of your grocery experience altogether. See, we're finding even more ways to be sustainable!

Purchase reusable grocery bags here. These can also be found at most retailers, or use one of the money cloth tote bags you've likely collected in your life.

And Cut Out Animal Products!

I know not everyone is on board with Meatless Monday, but cutting out meat doesn't have to feel like you're missing out. Cutting out animal products just means discovering new, delicious foods that weren't already part of your rotation. Or finding new ways to make your staple dish! Explore the world of plant-based eating, potentially through these 11 food bloggers, and experiment with cutting out animal proteins a few times a week.

What sustainable products do you love? Share in the comments!

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