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Enthusiasms Forever

If you have the absolute pleasure of knowing me in real life, you will know that I am singlehandedly bringing back the Jesse McCartney fandom.

I was about eleven when I discovered Jesse McCartney. My friends and I use to sing “Beautiful Soul” a cappella for anyone who would listen. When he was on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” my life was practically made. And now, eight years later, my dedication is still the same, to the point I find myself dedicating all my Spotify time to the singer. It goes to show that even though I’ve gotten older, my loves (enthusiasms) have stayed strong.

Jesse McCartney is only one of the many lifelong enthusiasms I have kept up. McFly, Logan Lerman, High School Musical, and Hilary Duff are all high on the list too. Sure, there are many enthusiasms I have grown out of (*ahem* Hannah Montana) but many of them have stayed around. That’s the thing about being an enthusiast, your enthusiasms become part of who you are.

I’d like to say we are defined by our enthusiasms. And I’m not saying that just because I like One Direction you should find Harry Styles in my dictionary definition. What I mean by that is that our personalities and memories are filed into shape with these enthusiasms as influence. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t know all the words to High School Musical. I would be much more boring if it weren’t for that little quirk. I have a friend who loves to quote musicals, and I don’t think I’d love hanging out with her as much if she didn’t do it. Our enthusiasms help define us.

We grow up with these loves. It’s like how we’re all attached to our first Barbie or toy car. I’ve been a fan of Logan Lerman since I was nine, and he’s got that special place in my heart. I grew up watching his films and seeing him develop as a person and actor. He’s become part of my life, even though he has zero idea I exist. But that’s okay, because he’s an enthusiasm of mine.

I titled this post “Enthusiasms Forever” because I will always be an enthusiast and will always have these enthusiasms. They are a part of who I am and have helped define who I am as an adult. They are one of the most important aspects of my life, and without them I wouldn’t be myself. I love my enthusiasm like some love their children. They are my preciouses.

Thank you for reading and bearing with me. This post was a tad late because of personal life things (yes, I actually do have a personal life) but I promise I will be totally on my blogging schedule for now! So, enjoy your weekend because on Monday expect some enthusiastic blogging!

Stay classy, Internet,










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