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Enthusiast Reviews: RINGLY

We all like to feel like we’re fit. So we want to buy a fitness tracker. But all the options are clunky and ugly and do not go with that super cute DVF dress we bought on sale. That’s where RINGLY comes in.


That’s where my review of the newest – and most stylish – fitness tracker on the market comes in. Read below to see the pros and cons of owning such a gorgeous piece of tech.

Enthusiast Review: RINGLY

I first came across RINGLY from an ad on Facebook. And while I normally ignore those and go back to liking statuses of people from high school, this one caught my attention. This gemstone bracelet could track my steps? What?

RINGLY is a company that sells rings and bracelets that not only track your fitness activity, then send alerts from your phone for anything from phone calls and texts to Instagram activity and emails. You can customize your alerts to how many times they vibrate and the colour. And did I mention it tracks your steps!

I was drawn to this concept as I have the kind of job that means I’m always running across my office to talk to one boss or another. Or I have to use the bathroom across the building. Or I need to see reception to mail something. There’s a decent amount of walking back and forth across our maze of an office. And carrying my phone to track my steps is so menial – and not on my mind – when I’m asking my boss what filter he wants to use for Instagram. Not to mention meetings when my phone is out of sight and I want to know if I’m getting calls or emails.

Having something gorgeous that went with my outfit that allowed me to track my step activity and keep up with phone notifications during a day in the office was exactly what I needed. So I got down to ordering my first RINGLY.

Image result for ringly out to sea

I originally ordered a ring {pictured above} and immediately returned it. While it had all the features I had been promised, the ring was too bulky for my fingers. I felt like I was wearing costume jewelry all day. While many women love a statement ring, I quickly found that it made me self-conscious and the design far outweighed the features.

But when I went to the return page, I figured I would try again and ordered the Aries bracelet. And let me say, my experience was exactly the opposite.


The second I ordered my bracelet I couldn’t help but put it on and never want to take it off. My bracelet {pictured above} is the Rendezvous/Labradorite and it is perfect for shining bright turquoise or being a subtle grey depending on the light. And it goes with everything I wear. And the bracelet makes the heavy stone seem proportionate, meaning I don’t feel like I’m lugging anything around.

In the week I’ve been wearing it, I have never been more happy. I no longer have to think twice about grabbing my phone before heading to talk to a co-worker. When I’m sitting with my boss discussing strategy I know when I have Instagram activity. And I’ve received several comments on what a gorgeous bracelet I’m wearing. And the look on their face when I say it’s an activity tracker is priceless!

Overall, if you’re looking for a gorgeous piece of tech to help you stay on top of stuff without being on top of your phone, I definitely recommend trying out RINGLY. Especially since they just released a new rose gold/moonstone bracelet!


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