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Enthusiast Talk

A/N: These are a regular thing, so make sure to subscribe to get the updates for when I do them!


This past Thursday I did something that I have never done before: a live broadcast.

A live broadcast is when you live stream using your webcam (so y’all can see my face) to a collection of people and talk and answer questions. Or at least that is what I did.

I made the decision to do a live broadcast because I wanted to get to know my readers in a more specific way. Sitting here behind words, with the use of a backspace, is great for writing posts and for you all to know me. But I don’t get to know you unless you bother to comment. So a live broadcast seemed like the perfect way to get to know you all, and you all got to see what an awkward child I am.

My broadcast ended up starting 20 minutes before I had planned due to a website issue, but it ended up being for the better as I continued to talk until 3 o’clock and I needed all the extra time I could get.

Being able to chat with you and answer your questions and give advice was so much fun and I am definitely going to be doing one again. You asked silly questions about my embarrassing moments and my celebrity crush to questions about my schooling and who my heroes are. Getting to have these conversations with you all was fantastic as I got to know you on a level where we can chat. I hope it was nice for you who did attend to get to see the face behind this blog you’ve been reading.

My next broadcast will be on Thursday, August 15, at 2 pm Pacific Time. If you have a certain question you want answered or advice to be given real time, send me an email at or send me a tweet @teenenthusiasm and I’ll be sure to answer it!

I will not always be doing broadcasts on Thursdays (especially when school starts) but next week it is! Make sure to subscribe to my account on YouNow ( to be the first to know what I am broadcasting!

Thank you so much for reading everyone and I will see you soon! I’m going to go celebrate my dad’s birthday!

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. Teenage Enthusiasm will be undergoing some style changes in the next week or two,so please be patient! I’m really excited for the finished product!








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