Eyeliner Skills Unavailable: A Q&A

Yay Q&A!

As I go through all my social media and emails, I realize that I have lots of questions I’ve put to the side in a blog post that’s been in my ‘drafts’ folder for over a month. Which means I am long overdue answering your questions and that’s just not being a very good neighborly blogger.

I hope you’ll accept this Q&A as an apology!

Another Enthusiast Q&A – with Morgan!

1. What do you watch on Netflix?

Besides bingeing Law & Order: SVU, I’ve been really into the Debra Messing police comedy The Mysteries of Laura. I just finished the first season and am constantly checking on Twitter for when the second will be released!

2. How’s your term going?

Better than last, that’s for sure. I am completely obsessed with my newspaper design class (yes, that’s a real thing) and surprisingly enjoying my modern Europe history class. It’s definitely a challenging term (when isn’t it?) but I am having a really good time enjoying my last year at university.

3. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Because reservations are expensive and stressful, and my boyfriend and I change our preferences within the hour, we’re taking a note out of last year’s book and doing dinner at home with a movie and my first attempt at making cheesecake. As long as there is cheesecake Valentine’s Day will be perfect!

4. What’s your current fave song?


5. What is #J436

I think half the reason I love @NARSissist so much is that the logo typography is gorgeous. Makes the product much more desirable #J436 — Morgan Hegarty (@PotatoesHegarty) January 29, 2016

That is the hashtag for my newspaper design class. I get a little creative over design-related tweets, so forgive me for going on and on about the NARS logo and how I feel about Helvetica Neue.

6. You’ve been posting more about makeup. Why the change?

I was never really into makeup, but as time has gone on and I’ve tried experimenting with my look and chatting with friends, makeup has become another thing for me to play with. I love experimenting with new things, and new makeup is another super fun toy for me to dress up my daily look. The only issue is that I am 110% unable to apply eyeliner and yet I own like 5 eyeliners. The skills = 0

P.S. I’m currently on the search for the perfect smoky look for blue eyes, so share with me!

7. What happened with #YoungmanOnEllen?

Thanks for asking! The producers saw our tweets and now we’re just waiting to see what they decide. Thank you to everyone who helped, we really appreciate it! If you don’t know what #YoungmanOnEllen is, here is the post I wrote about it.


Have your own questions you want answered? Email me at morgan@enthusiastblog.com, comment below, or tweet me @PotatoesHegarty!

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