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Fall Outfit Lookbook

It’s fall!

My favourite season of the year and I’m so ready for jackets, jeans, and closed toe shoes galore! Dressing for fall is my favourite thing (I’m constantly buying fall essentials) and once those clouds roll in I’ll have my peacoat on in no time.

And because of all of this, I thought I’d make up a little fall lookbook for everyone who doesn’t understand the essentials to dressing for fall. Because we all need to look on point!

Below are 10 outfits that I think hit the “fall look” that we all need to master for this autumnal season.

Morgan’s 2015 Fall Lookbook

1. Perfect brown boot

It’s all about boots in the fall. And having the perfect brown boot is so important. You can choose between moto, combat, or western, but having one that is a good, rich leather and fits you perfectly is going to amp up your style. Never will an outfit be as put together as when you pair it with the perfect brown boot.

2. Casual layers

Ingrid Nilsen absolutely nails this look. Layering a coat over a sweater over a tshirt is just perfection. It’s about layering without being bulky. Paired with a cropped jean and neutral sneakers, the layering look comes across as casual and effortlessly cool, which is what fall is all about.

3. Go-to coat

It’s cold in the fall – and much colder in the winter – so you need a coat you can put over any outfit to avoid the chilly fall mornings. One in a neutral colour (or go with something bright if that’s your thing) will go over any outfit and instantly make you look put together.

4. That leather jacket look

I love the leather jacket look. A leather jacket instantly adds edge and warmth to your outfit. On an outfit like the one above, it takes such a simple outfit and makes it look more structured and interesting with the ribbed shoulder leather jacket. Get a great, flattering leather jacket and see how much your outfit compliments go up.

5. Tulle

When it comes to dressing up in the fall, we all worry about what that means. What do we do on date night? Pairing a tulle skirt (one that works for any season) with a cuddly sweater looks weather appropriate yet very gorgeous. Add tights for any outside dates though!

6. Add a cardigan

If there’s any tip a fall-dressing girl knows, it’s to add a cardigan. A cardigan adds warmth and a comfy vibe to any outfit you own. I love this outfit because of the bright belt added to all the neutrals, which is a total dressing tip – add a bright accessory to make it interesting.

7. Rock that scarf – oversized scarf, that is

Now is the time to stock up on oversized, cuddly scarves. Add it to any outfit for an instantly fall look, or pop it on over your coat before heading out to block out chill. You’ll master the look of fall appropriate dressing in one step. Just make sure to pair it in a way that it doesn’t come across as top heavy by choosing simple or neutral clothing underneath.

8. Earthy colours

Not sure which colours work for fall? Earthy tones always work best. From your forest greens to your chocolate browns to those gorgeous maroons, if you’re struggling on which colour sweater to buy these are your go-tos. And pairing them together gives you an extra bonus!

9. Sweater weather

We all need that perfect, flattering sweater once fall rolls around. Finding one that perfectly compliments our skin tone, fits us well, and is easy to throw on is perfect. Emma Stone’s navy sweater looks fantastic and works great with her tweed coat and red purse. It’s fall-tastic.

10. Pair it with a skirt

Who said skirts don’t work for fall? Pairing a light-coloured thin dress with a comfy sweater and tights instantly screams fall. And the layering paired with mixing different textures looks fantastic and works for any fall occasion. When in doubt, layer.


What is in your fall lookbook?

Stay classy, Internet,










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