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Fame, iPads, and Tacos (Six Things I could Have Written About)

A/N: Please check the bottom of this post (below the signature) for a special message from me about an awesome event happening soon!


I’m full of ideas.

I’m empty of motivation.

I’m halfway through my summer (I head to school the end of September) and I’m in full summer schlump. I have all these great ideas for blog posts and I’m really excited to write all of them! Until I actually get to my laptop and start typing. Then a structure of about four sentences happens before I am sucked of all energy and go back to texting and watching Will & Grace.

When I get an idea for a blog post I write it down in the Notes app on my phone. But as I never get past a few sentences, I decided to combine all of the ideas I’ve had into one convenient post. So, here you are, a six-in-one blog post!

1. Why I Don’t Want to Be Famous


Sitting in the car last weekend a story came on the radio about Simon Cowell and his pregnant…lady friend? My mother and I listened to the story and sat in silence a moment before my mother said, “Fame isn’t what it used to be. Why would you want to be famous now?” And it’s true. When I was seven all I wanted was to be in the limelight and do movies and sign autographs. Now it’s all being mobbed and having the press find every last imperfect thing about your life and making it public. Fame isn’t as glamorous as it once was. Now it is the hunger games.

2. Everyone Should Have an iPad

Ipad with retina display / 128GB / Wi-Fi and Cellular

On Friday my iPad mini came and I am in love. Every single one of the apps I liked on my iPhone is 100x better on my iPad! I like that it is similar to a laptop but it is smaller. It’s great for night as I can watch Netflix, read a book, or scroll Pinterest, all without moving! Plus it’s great for traveling or passing the time. I don’t know how I got by doing all the Internet and other things I do without this handy little gizmo. (Kind of kidding!)

3. I Don’t Like My Straight Hair

A little over a week ago I went for dessert with Katy (my bestest best friend) after attending a play. We went up to the register after devouring our pie and the girl behind said, “I love your hair! I didn’t think people really used curling irons anymore.” And it’s true, people don’t. But I can’t stand the sight of my straight hair anymore. That’s completely fine. We are allowed to dislike things about ourselves and change them. It’s our bodies. So when people give me grief about curling my hair almost everyday (I get lazy occasionally) I take it with a grain of salt because I like it and what I think matters.

4. Give Europeans Tacos!

Sunday night I was on Twitter and suddenly Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer tweeted about taco trucks. I love taco trucks (even though the food is hard to eat with my braces) and consider them a staple in every town. 15 minutes after this happens, Niall Horan of One Direction responds to Ashton’s tweet and asks what a taco truck is. And I legitimately feel bad because Europeans don’t have the greatness of tacos in trucks, a luxury I take for granted. Where do they get their tacos? Mexican restaurants?

5. Fashion of 2004

Yesterday I was babysitting and the girl I was watching turned on the 2004 pre-teen comedy Sleepover. I remember watching that movie and thinking how fashionable and trendy those girls were. Watching it a decade later, I realize that we are so lucky that fashion has evolved since 2004. Otherwise I’d still be wearing faux flowers on my shoes and glitter in my hair.

6. Who Will My Roommate Be?

Want to avoid dorm room drama? Take our college roommate quiz!

I don’t know who my roommate for uni will be for another two weeks or so. This wait is KILLING me. A majority of my friends are leaving for school right now and I’m just sitting here in the corner like, “Oh, yeah, don’t worry about me. I just have no idea where I’m living or who I’m living with. It’s cool. Have fun at school!” I’m staring at the mailbox like the pathetic loser I am. Oh dear roommate, when will we finally discover each other’s existence?

Thank you all for reading! Have you all seen my lovely new sidebar that Sarah from Creativity Avenue made! More changes to possibly come soon!

Make sure to read the P.S. after the signature for something super cool!

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. On Thursday (August 8th) at 2pm Pacific Time I will be doing a live broadcast on Twitcam! This will be an actual reader-to-blogger experience where you can ask me your questions in real time, get advice for any sort of problems, and meet the ridiculous, Anglophile, enthusiast person whose writing you’ve been reading. If you check my social media (links below) you will see more information. On Thursday I will post a direct link to the broadcast so you can just click that. I really hope to see you all then! I can’t wait to meet you!








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