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Faves Fridays 2: 1D Spotted in Crate & Barrel With Boca Burgers

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 12: Faves Fridays

Fave Fridays

Whoo! It’s Friday of a fantastic week! I have once again compiled a list of favourites and it’s time to share with you! This week has been hectic with getting everything ready, packing, and traveling to California, so know that these favourites are what is keeping me sane!

Morgan’s Friday Favourites

Boca burgers

As you know from this post, I am now test-driving a vegetarian lifestyle. When I was a young ‘un, my mother would make Boca burgers for me and I just loved them. And since I am going for that veggie life, these are the perfect way to get my burger on without consuming any meat. They are delicious and I’ve even turned a few of my friends onto them. I like to eat them for lunch with a sandwich thin (it’s a kind of bread), some cheese, spinach, and ketchup. Bon appétit!

One Direction

The reason I was in California this week was to see One Direction. Yes, I know, my devotion is strong enough to travel state lines. This trip was kind of my friend and I’s farewell to all being near each other, as we’re all attending different schools this fall. I’ve been listening to One Direction non-stop to prepare for the concert and, as always, they just get me all pumped up. You all need to get on this bandwagon!

Crate & Barrel

In two weeks I am moving into my swanky new apartment and I have come obsessed with home decor. Even though I can’t afford any of it. Crate & Barrel (which is my mum and I’s store) has been my go-to when I feel like thinking, “This is so pretty and I want it, but I have no money.” Everything is so crisp and clean and I want to live in a Crate & Barrel. Where do I sign up for that?

Black & white Forever 21 dress

This is my favourite dress I own. I think it’s because it’s flattering and is just too darn cute. I bought it from Forever 21 and it has to be my best purchase from them. This was my concert dress and every time I wear people say, “That dress is too cute!” It’s important for everyone to have that one dress that is flattering and cute and casual. Casual dresses are important.


Because I’ve been traveling, suitcases are a bit of a must. I love packing my suitcase. I don’t know why, it’s probably because of my OCD. They are my favourite this week because I had the option of choosing which suitcase I took with me. Everyone should own a cute suitcase (mine has polka dots for easy spotting) and without it, how are you truly an individual? Individuality in your suitcase is essential.


And those are my faves for this week! I’m currently sitting in an airport waiting for my next flight, and I’m nearly about to pass out. Too much fun on this trip! Thanks for reading Faves Friday and check back on the blog tomorrow for Song Saturday. Warning: it’s basically the setlist for the concert.

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