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Faves Fridays 3: Sophisticated Jamie Scott Caught Eating an Organic Burrito

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 19: Faves Friday

Fave Fridays

Yes, it’s time for more faves! Friday has to be one of my most favourite days and it’s probably because it’s close to the weekend and I get to share with you all what I’ve been loving all week. And as an enthusiast, talking about my favourite things is the best!

Morgan’s Favourites of the Week


The new iOS released! After playing around with it, I definitely like it. I’m liking the quick texts on the double tap screen, and the changes to the notification center. I mean, it basically took iOS7 (which I already love) and made it the teensiest better. Of course, not so much digging the word prediction on the keyboard. Especially because whenever I type “I” it’s like “Did you mean Irwin?” and this is the reason I shouldn’t allow my phone to know my celeb crushes.

The Simple Sophisticate podcast

If you don’t follow The Simply Luxurious Life, you’re definitely missing out. It’s a blog about lifestyle that I follow religiously. Fun fact: The blogger behind TSLL was actually my English teacher junior year. Yep, I know her personally. And my friends and I are all pretty obsessed with her blog, and now she has a podcast! I listened to the first episode during a layover and it was really good! The tips she gives are amazing and if you’re into lifestyle blogging, totally give it a try!

Organic bean and rice burritos

Since going veggie, I found that getting my Mexican on has been more difficult as a no-meat, lactose intolerant person. And then I discovered organic bean and rice burritos in the frozen section. They are delicious! And like 200 calories a burrito, which just surprised me. I love to get my burrito on, and now I have the perfect fix!

Jamie Scott

After seeing Jamie as an opening act at a One Direction concert, I’ve been borderline obsessed with his music. It’s been on all my playlists (spoiler: he’s on tomorrow Song Saturday) and I just think he makes mean music. You all need to pre-order his album and become just as crazy over him as I am!

Cameron Diaz’s hair

The other day I was watching “The Other Woman” with my best friend and I just started drooling over Cameron Diaz’s character’s hair. I have a very similar haircut and I just love a good curl. I’ve spent the rest of this week trying to figure out how to perfectly recreate such lovely hair.


And those are this week’s favourites! Only one more Faves Friday to go, but I’ll be sharing my favourites with you just like normal, so no worries!

Everyday Enthusiasm Header

Check back tomorrow for Song Saturday, where I’ll be sharing the tracks that I’ve been jamming to all week! Thanks for checking out Everyday Enthusiasm!

Stay classy, Internet,










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