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Favourites Friday #1

Welcome to the first Favourites Friday, my new end-of-the-week series where we discuss my favourites!

After doing it for this year’s Everyday Enthusiasm, I really wanted to try to do it again. So let’s do it!

Weekly Faves 10/2

uni-ball Air

At the beginning of every term I like to invest in a new pen. This term I bought four. Of the four, I discovered the amazing writing utensil of the uni-ball Air. This pen writes smoothly, fits in my hand wonderfully, and writes from any angle, making it great for any kind of writing. I’ve been using it since Monday and find it absolutely great. If I had to make any change, I’d make it .5mm instead of .7. But that’s just me and my love of thin typography.

Brow gel

Once you learn to fill in your brows, you will never go back. In one of my many beauty subscriptions (ipsy) I received the Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill Tinted Brow Gel in Medium Dark ($20). After trying it for funsies on Monday, I now see it very important that I fill in my brows before doing anything else in the morning. It keeps my eyebrows looking full and dark, plus keeps them groomed. I definitely recommend investing in a brow gel.

Fall backgrounds

It’s fall! By far autumn is my favourite season, and I’m so excited to plaster fall-themed things all over everything. From my laptop to my phone, all my backgrounds have changed to fall. This gorgeous fall leaf background above looks very autumn appropriate. And I know, because I spent about an hour looking at fall backgrounds on Pinterest.

Chunky sweaters

It’s sweater time! And right now, a chunky sweater and a hot cup of tea is perfect for the beginning of October.

P.F. Chang’s Home Menu

Did you know you can make P.F. Chang’s at home? I didn’t. But now I do and I’m pretty sure I’m just going to buy all my faves and eat them every day. I just wish they’d make my fave (Walnut Shrimp with Melon) because I would eat that every day with some brown rice. Yum!


What are your weekly faves?

Stay classy, Internet,










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