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Favourites Friday #11

Okay, time to be honest, who is much too excited that it is Friday? I know I am.

I am so happy to be done with finals, and to be going home after a long week of working 8am shifts in replacement of finals. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it. This week has been filled with lots of random favourites since this week was anything but conventional. It’s finals, so it’s not really a surprise. My week has been with crazy rain, post-finals treats, luxurious products that save my life, and trying something new because we all should!

Who wants to see this week’s favourites? Let’s go!

Finals Week Favourites: A Favourites Friday

Sara Lee strawberry French cheesecake

If you’re going to get through finals, you need something to look forward to. This delectable cheesecake was my reward for a hard week done and it was worth every grueling hour of studying. It’s soft and creamy and the strawberry filling on top is just yum yum YUM! If you want cheesecake and don’t feel like dressing up to go get it, I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these and sitting in your yoga pants eating it (or share with a buddy like me).

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel lotion

This lotion is my go-to Christmas scent. It smells just like a Christmas cookie and slides on smooth and doesn’t leave residue. I love to put it on after a shower and feel like a yummy Christmas treat all day! You can buy it at Bath & Body Works for $12.50. And they changed the bottle to a super cute picture, so it’s even better than it has been in years previous!

Hour of Code

Coding is something I have tried several times and I think it is such an important skill to have, especially when you start entering the work force. This little tutorial (that lets you play with the Frozen cast or a Star Wars character or Minecraft) teaches you basic code and makes it really fun! And you can go at your own pace and it instructs you exactly how to do the coding, which makes it easy to understand. I haven’t coded in over a year, but it was nice to get back to the basics. They range from children 6+, so anyone of any age can try it. Click here to give it a go!

Forever 21 Classic Hooded Duffel Coat

This coat ($45.36) is my current obsession. I want to wear it every day. With a classic fit, huge pockets, a (very large, but very sturdy) hood, and a great wool texture, this coat is the perfect winter accessory. I’ve worn it to finals and I’ve worn it to work and it compliment whatever outfit I’ve stuck it over. I especially love the hood because it is so large but keeps your head completely covered. I think this is an amazing winter coat and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking.

Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk

I love this dry shampoo ($20)! It is my baby and if you want to give me an amazing gift, about six cases of this bad boy would be much appreciated. Over all the dry shampoos I have used over the years, this one has been most effective at destroying grease, increasing shine, and not weighing down my hair. I simply apply it to hair at night, sleep on it, and when I wake up my hair isn’t greasy or nasty (like usual after a night of sleep) and does great with styling. It also adds great texture, so applying it to hair before attempting a messy bun is what makes it amazing. I used this so much this week and I would have looked like a slob without it.


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Have a safe and merry holiday season!

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