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Favourites Friday #13

Who else is ready to recover from the Favourites Friday hiatus?

After spending much too much time not doing a Favourites Friday, I have a big list of favourites that I’m just waiting to share with you! It’s been a crazy few weeks (Christmas, New Years, winter break, the blog turning five, etc.) and I’m ready to get back into the normal swing of things. And by normal, I mean the enthusiastic!

This week’s favourites are all the products that I have sampled/tried/purchased/etc. since the last Favourites Friday that I am just flipping out over! And I have every right to because December was my month of discovering amazing things! Hopefully you’ll find them as amazing as I did.

Post-Winter Product Posse: A Favourites Friday

1-1/4″ Hot Tools 24K Gold Marcel Curling Iron

Hot Tools 1130 Mega 1-1/4" Professional Marcel Grip Curling Iron:

Okay, I know I talk about curling irons a lot, but this thing is the queen of curling. While it took me forever to get used to a non-springloaded curling iron, now that I am it’s all I want to use. This curling iron produces gorgeous curls that are evenly heated and because of the size of the curling iron creates a naturally pretty look that any girl can pull off. I was already obsessed with curling my hair, but this curling iron makes doing my hair my favourite part of the day.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in 107

LASTING FINISH MATTE BY KATE MOSS: Matte Long Lasting Lipstick. I really want to try this! looks good:

Now, I was never much of a lipstick girl, but winter break opened me up to always wearing a lip colour. And this lipstick, with it’s gorgeous vampy red, is the perfect colour for any season. It’s matte, which always looks fabulous, and stays on for hours. I wore it for New Years, applied it at 6:30 and it didn’t wear off until 1am after eating and drinking and laughing. Can we talk about perfect? It’s also lightweight and doesn’t smear, so I’m completely in love.

Danskin Essentials Ankle Legging

Danskin Women's Active Essential Supplex Ankle Legging Danskin. $38.00:

I have owned so many pairs of leggings by Danskin that I honestly can say I never though I’d fall in love with leggings I bought at Wal-Mart. Danskin makes the best leggings I have ever owned. They’re perfect for 10am yoga class and running every errand imaginable. I am in love with them. I bought a new pair over break and it proved to me that, yes, I will continue wearing them since every single pair (I’ve had 4 now of different styles) has fit wonderfully and kept nice over the years. Get your pair of my favourite here for $28.

The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream

The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream - Urban Outfitters:

I discovered my secret to looking dewy and alert when going to class. And it doesn’t involve copious amounts of creme blush. This highlighting cream, which has a beautiful rose gold colour, is a lifesaver. It’s lightweight (which is my dealbreaker when it comes to makeup) and super easy to apply. Because I am a beauty amateur, and I apply makeup at 6am, I squeeze a little dab onto my finger and press light dots into my cheeks from beside my nose to my temple. I blend it in with a brush and VOILA! I look awake and pretty and don’t look like I pulled an allnighter reading all my syllabi.

Julep It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Kiss Me

Julep - It's Whipped - Kiss Me: Cherry Liqueur:

After staying away from dark lip colour my entire life, I am now a believer of the darker the better. This beautiful, dark, creamy lip mousse is the most gorgeous purple lip colour you will ever need. I have worn it out shopping with my mom, taking photos in front of the Christmas tree, Christmas dinner, etc. It is lovely and lasts a lot better than I thought it would. Try not to eat (as it has a bright pink wear off shade) but if you’re not eating it stays perfectly!


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