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Favourites Friday #14

It’s Favourites Friday!

After a long week of making life decisions and designing newspaper pages (much more complex and exciting than you would expect) we are finally to the weekend and I am ready to let loose! And by let loose, I mean design more newspaper pages and drink almond berry smoothies. Maybe watch a movie?

No matter what your weekend plans are, start them off with this week’s favourites. They range from high to low, but I promise they won’t disappoint.

Who’s ready?

Products Every Woman Should Use: A Favourites Friday

Julep Yordi

Out of all my nail polishes, this one has garnered me the most compliments. With a gorgeous dark red colour that is sure to get you noticed, and an easy application I wish other nail polishes had, I definitely recommend people to try it. It is simply the best and I’m probably going to be rocking the dark red nail all year long.

Moscow mule mug

My boyfriend bought me one of these for Christmas and I’m not sure whether to stare at it’s beauty or fill it with tea. I love it! It has such a great beauty that makes it look like decor in any room. Seriously, if you want to invest in an amazing mug, I recommend one of these. And the different styles means you have lots to choose from!

Dagne Dover card case

I just bought one of these and I will never buy another wallet again. It fits all of my cards (even the stupid gift cards I’ve walked around with for years) and it fits in all of my bags. And the myriad of colours makes it so easy to add personality! It is truly a great investment to buy this card case.


As I start planning my coast trip for Spring Break, it’s always the question of where to start my search. I have found VRBO to be so great for searching for houses, but also the system is easy to use. I’m happy I started searching here, but let’s see if I even find a house!

LUSH massage bars

Another wonderful gift from my boyfriend, and I couldn’t be happier! Do you know how much lovelier it is in the morning putting on lotion and also getting a massage? I first sampled one of these at a LUSH in San Francisco and I’ve been in love since! Now I own two and they make the process of putting on lotion the most lovely it has ever been.


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