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Favourites Friday #16

Welcome to another Favourites Friday!

I’m rounding out this 2nd week of midterms with some exhaustion and a serious up in my makeup skills as I pretend to not look like a caffeine-driven zombie. I started out this week spending some time in my favourite tea shop with the boo doing some homework, continued doing even more homework and beginning essays, and ended it in full-bloom essay writing and not nearly enough green tea in my system. So, as you can tell, it’s been a real midterms week.

This week’s favourites focus on the essentials – and the rewards – of midterms week. And even though each term is different, these five favourites can be applied every term. So let’s check them out!

Maybelline & Miscellaneous: A Favourites Friday

Maybelline The Nudes palettes

You know a makeup palette is good when you own 2/3 of the colours (3 is on the way!) I was introduced to Maybelline’s The Nudes eyeshadow palette by a friend and was so taken that I bought The Nudes, loved it so much that I bought The Blushed Nudes, and as an experiment with my new love of the smoky eye, I just bought The Rock Nudes at Ulta. This palette is just so amazing and the colours blend so nicely. But the reason this tops my favourites list is that The Nudes have helped make my bleary blue-grey eyes seem alert and gorgeous this week and without its help I would have look awful. Seriously, a great, cheap investment for your beauty box.

Townshend’s Tea Company

One of my favourite traditions my boyfriend and I have created is our weekend traipse to Townshend’s Tea Company in downtown Eugene and order tea while working on homework for the afternoon. We order VooDoo (which is the beauty of the two stores being across the street from each other) and the entire scene is productive and delicious. After spending Sunday afternoon at Townshend’s with my Dragon Pearl Jasmine, I entered the week feeling relaxed and ready for everything that was thrown at me – essays, essays, and more essays.

Black jeans

I love black jeans. Especially during crazy weeks. They instantly make you look put together and add edge to what otherwise would have been a ‘yes, I did just roll out of bed’ look. I especially loved wearing my black jeans with a beanie for the ultimate lazy cool girl look for running in and out of class.

One Direction’s “End of the Day”

This song is perfection. As Valentine’s Day creeps closer and closer, I have been listening to more and more love-related songs trying to find my Valentine jam. This is it! This song perfectly describes how I feel about love and how when you truly feel something for someone it’s almost debilitating. I adore this song so much and will likely play it for the rest of forever.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Pure BB:  BB Cream for Breakouts... need to try these out esp around that time of the month !:

Another Maybelline product that got me through this week, this BB cream is magic. Halfway through the week I ran out of my usual fave (aka, the one I’ve used almost exclusively every day for the last 3 years) and discovered that while Eugene does sell the e.l.f. brand, they do not sell my BB cream is any stores. So I had to resort to drastic measures. I went with a Maybelline product with good reviews (aka, there was two left on the shelf) and now I’m never going back! This BB cream goes on like a dream and blends into my skin with no streaky residue or weird tint. It’s saved my tired skin this week and I would marry it if I could. Seriously the best drugstore BB cream I’ve ever used.


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