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Favourites Friday #18

Okay, who’s ready to hear about my super exciting weekend?

This weekend I am meeting a myriad of characters that I love. They are as follows: The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) of Doctor Who, Alex Kingston of Doctor Who, Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who, Krysten Ritter of Jessica Jones, William Shatner of Stark Trek, John Barrowman of Torchwood, and Milo Ventimiglia of Gilmore Girls and that’s just my favourites.

I will be attending Wizard Con in Portland on Saturday with one of my best friends and I’m so excited because it’s my first Con! So if you have any tips they would be much appreciated.

Anyway…with this incredibly exciting weekend ahead of me, this week has been about preparing for this weekend and acquiring some healthier habits. I am a big believer that before you travel one should get their body to peak state so that any falls during the actual travel can be quickly fixed. This applies to skincare, eating habits, exercise, etc. So that even though I’m only traveling for 2 1/2 days, when I get back my body won’t be in 0/100 state, but more like 80/100.

The following favourites are everything you need to have the best pre-weekend ever!

We’re All Excited for the Weekend: A Favourites Friday

Apple cider vinegar toner

I’ve had a bottle of apple cider vinegar in my cupboard since Christmas 2014. And there was 1/2 tsp of it used. So when I found out how to make apple cider vinegar I thought I would give it a try. Using a 1:1 ratio, and applying to my face twice a day, my skin has radically cleared up and my skintone is less spotchy than ever. This is amazing since I’ll be traveling and with photo ops with celebs means I want the most gorgeous skin ever! Seriously, I recommend you try ACV toner – try this DIY. I have mine in an old jam jar and dip a cotton swab in and swish over my face, it works wonders!

Weekender bag

This black vegan leather weekender bag can actually fit everything you've ever wanted for your next getaway.:

When I’m only traveling for a day or two (and two nights in Portland is seriously not that long) bringing a suitcase is more than a hassle. That’s why a weekender bag is so important. You can fit a few days of clothes, a laptop, toiletries, and other odds and ends without burdening yourself down. And they come in such cute styles now! A popular favourite is the Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag, and two I would recommend are the Chic Striped Tote from LuLu’s and the Vegan Weekender from Sole Society. I’m planning on replacing my Longchamp Le Pliage with one of these gorgeous weekenders soon!

Julep Colleen

Julep - Colleen (Classic with a Twist) rosewater creme (from the Bow On Top set):

I love this pale pink colour for my nails because it’s difficult to see chips and looks so chic. A girl on my yoga class complimented me on the colour. As with all my other Julep polishes, it’s hard to chip and looks lovely. And is great for travel where chips are likely to come along! (P.S. it’s less chalky looking in photos.)

Franz gluten-free bread

Franz Gluten-free bread, plus printable coupon:

Because I love bread, but don’t want to feel all bloaty during my trip, gluten-free bread has become my new treat. Franz makes the best GF bread and I love it for peanut butter sandwiches, toast, and to soak up yummy pesto sauce!

Argan oil

My new favorite moisturizer!  Argan oil has been used for hundreds of years. But, do you know where it comes from and what it's used for?:

As I’m currently in tragic hair mode with no plans of a haircut any time soon, my hair is sort of a wreck. And with this trip coming I need it to be less of a disaster. That’s where argan oil comes in. Applying a nut-sized amount of argan oil to my hair before styling every morning has saved my ends and given me the shine I’ve been lacking. As someone who usually struggle with oil hair products, I seriously recommend this for all hair catastrophes.


What are you up to this weekend? Share your stories below!

Stay classy, Internet,









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