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Favourites Friday #19

Hello all!

As we wind down the week, I find myself realizing that my favourites are things that added comfort and rejuvenated me. After a weekend of fun and little-to-no sleep, getting through this week included a lot of needing stuff to get me back to my normal self. Especially considering all the big assignments I had due.

This week was about getting back to my normal self and choosing products that got me back to my cheery Morgan self! So let’s see what amazing things can do that!

The Rejuvenation Week: A Favourites Friday

Naobay Oxygenating Cream moisturizer

Traveling really takes it out on my skin, and I usually find in the days after I get home that my skin needs a little extra TLC. This moisturizer brought the life back into my skin in only a day! I love how creamy this moisturizer goes on, and I definitely will be sticking it in my bag for future travels.

Brookside chocolates

I love my chocolate, especially when I’m sitting on the bus for two hours and am bored out of my mind. These little chocolates (I bought the acai/blueberry this round) are perfect for travel and are so yummy without killing my health. Seriously, these babies are always in my bag.

Davines OI/ All in One Milk

Just like my skin dies during travel, my hair tends to befall the same tragic story when I’m out and about. And now that I’m between haircuts with a two year ombre still hanging on, an amazing product needs to be applied to my hair to even resemble attractiveness. This leave-in conditioner leaves my hair smooth and silky and worked great for travel. I especially love that it doesn’t weigh down hair and adds a tad of texture, great for messy buns!

Skinny Teatox

I love to try any and all new diet/health programs. And teatoxes are the new craze. Skinny Teatox is a daily tea that cleans out the system and tastes really good! I’ve noticed how much healthier I feel, and since I’ve been on it for a few weeks, I noticed that I didn’t feel as gross coming back from travel as I usually do.

Oversized sweaters

oversized sweater:

Another big part of rejuvenation is your clothing choices. And a big, oversized sweater is the perfect choice. I love this big fair isle sweater I have and a green cable knit I’ve owned forever for these kind of things because they bring comfort and peace when things are crazy, which is great for when you’re coming back from a fun weekend. Always have a comfy, oversized sweater in your arsenal.


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