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Favourites Friday #2

Does anyone else feel that this week way way too long? We all deserve an extra shot of espresso and a hug. It’s just been long.

But now that we’ve discussed this hard week, let’s focus on the positive! It’s Favourites Friday numero 2, which means that it’s time to discuss my weekly enthusiasms! And that’s a lot better than anything, right?

Because it’s been a long, hard, completely crappy week, this week’s enthusiasms are the little things that brought light. The whole point of Favourites Friday is to get the good points of the week. And this week, all the favourites made my week just a little bit better.

Shimmer, Sweet, Silky, Salty & Sex: Favourites Friday #2

1. Julep’s Penny polish

Painting my nails this week was such a good idea (pampering was needed) and this gorgeous coppery polish brought a little shimmer in. Julep polishes paint on so well, and this polish took one coat and doesn’t chip no matter how much wear and tear I put on it (seriously, not even one chip). And it’s a  great fall colour, which I love!

2. Soft pretzels

We all have our stress food. And when you’ve been in class/work for the last eight hours, then had to do calc homework, then had more homework, stress is the only thing on the mind. So going for a salty treat while typing away on your laptop is completely reasonable. Soft pretzels are the perfect snack for that moment.

3. Cinnamon Vanilla Creme Coffee-mate

I’ve been so tired this week. So you know my black tea stash is slowly dwindling down. But black tea by itself is disgusting. That’s why my coffee creamer has saved my caffeine rush. It is sweet and creamy and makes my morning just that little bit better.

4. Tresemme Silky & Smooth

Living in Eugene makes my hair ridiculously frizzy. Which makes my cute hairstyle not so cute. I mean, my curls can be pretty gorgeous…until I go outside. But after switching my shampoo and conditioner this week to these products, I am pretty in love with how much less frizz I have.

5. LUSH Sex Bomb

We already know I love LUSH. This week I tried the Sex Bomb bath bomb to help destress. It was not as relaxing as my Twilight bath bomb, but it made the water a gorgeous rose pink and had an explosion of gelatinous flower petals. BEAUTIFUL! And my skin felt ridiculously smooth.


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