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Favourites Friday #20

Hello Enthusiasts!

As I’m about to head into finals and final projects (which are a completely separate thing, believe me) I am trying to create a calm before the storm this week. My stress levels are high as I anticipate creating a 10-page newspaper (yes, 10 pages), writing 3 essays, memorizing 30 very long comparative lit terms, and still having two exams to complete after all of that. So as you can imagine, I need a little “me time” before breaking out into my own version of complete meltdown.

This week’s favourites have been my stress soothers and, may I just say, they have done a great job at that. While favourites in general should be what I enjoy throughout this week, the favourites of this week are lifesavers that have prevented me from stress-induced meltdowns throughout the week. So we can thank the world for that!

Who’s ready to alleviate a little stress with these stress reducing favourites?

Soothing Stress Strategies: A Favourites Friday

Papasan chairs

One of my biggest, coolest purchases of late has been my papasan chair. I purchased it after falling in love with Your Girl Curlz‘s and knew it was just something I needed to own. Of course, to fit it in my room I had to move all my furniture, but it ended up making my room look bigger. Who would have thought?

Anyway, my papasan has been a lifesaver this week. Nothing relaxes me more than settling in my comfy cushion with my laptop, staring out my window. And in general it is impossible to be stressed in such a delightful chair. If you want to add such a wonderful piece of furniture to your home, here is the one I purchased from Pier 1 Imports, and the fuzzy charcoal cushion (why is everything I own grey?)

Circa Waves “T-Shirt Weather”

Every once in a while I come across a song that just speaks to me. This song is it. It energizes me enough to work, but doesn’t make me feel more stressed out and hurried. The beat has a strong relaxing quality that promotes productivity in a relaxing, you-have-plenty-of-time way. Without this song I don’t know if I would have gotten anything done this week.

KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk bars

I discovered these at a basketball game and now I’m never going back. A crunchy, chocolatey bar that is good for you? Yes, it is too good to be true. These are a real treat and are the greatest snacks for a reward after doing something hard. And because they are made with natural ingredients you’re putting good stuff in your body, which means good comes out!

Agave Oil Treatment

When I’m stressed out I tend to skip out on my beauty routine, which only makes me feel more stressed. I tried this oil treatment and didn’t need to style my hair for two days. It has kept all flyaways down, my hair shiny, and all I’ve needed is dry shampoo to keep oily root away. Seriously, talk about a stress reliever of more time and prettier hair. You can buy it at Sephora.

Wood-burning candles

For Christmas this year my mother purchased me a wood-burning candle. This means that instead of just burning, it makes a soothing fire crackling noise from a cute little vanilla-scented candle. I’ve been burning this candle while sitting on my papasan and instantly feeling peaceful. The sound coming from this candle is so soothing and I honestly plan on buying more, especially in the colder months! WoodWick Candles sells only these candles, so stock up.


Stay classy, Internet,









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