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Favourites Friday #24

Can I just say that so far spring term ’16 is the best term of university I’ve ever had?

First, two of my classes are almost identical in a syllabus, meaning I have less reading and can actually enjoy the words rather than just rushing through. Second, instead of spending extra time budgeting, I’m taking a class where I get graded on learning to spend my money wisely. Third, I get to design again! And finally, I got to see a concert on the second day!

If you even vaguely follow this blog you know I’m a concert junkie. Seeing between 5-10 concerts a year is not unusual for me. Instead of buying clothes I buy tickets, and instead of spending Friday drinking with friends I’m hitting it up in the front row. It’s the kind of life I love living.

And that’s why this week’s Favourites Friday, instead of being about school and homework and things that get me through my first day, it’s going to be about the highlight of my first week, a Rachel Platten concert!

Who’s ready to RP it up!

Note: Links to products and artists pages are hyperlinked after number.

Rachel Platten on a Tuesday: A Favourites Friday

1. Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation

Yes, I’m going to talk about foundation. Mostly because this stuff is magical! Ugh, it’s so worth the $48 because I have never worn a foundation quite so perfect. It makes my skin look completely flawless while seeming like I’m not wearing makeup (this morning my boyfriend asked if I was wearing makeup) and doesn’t feel heavy. I wore it to the concert this week and let me say, if foundation can last from application at 10:30 am until 3:30 am (yes, that’s when I got home to take it off) and still look fresh, buy it! It gives my skin a lit-from-inside-out look and I will definitely always have some of this in my bag.

2. Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten:

We all know her as the “Fight Song” girl, but she is so much more than that. First off, she is a complete sweetheart. I had the opportunity to meet her before the show and wow, she is seriously the nicest. Second, her music is amazing and strong. The entire audience was vibing off how emotional and fierce every song was. It was impossible not to leave that concert crying over how amazing I felt. If you want music that is going to inspire you to do better and believe in yourself, try some RP.

3. Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson interview:

Okay, so when I heard Eric Hutchinson was opening for RP I about freaked! Mostly because I love him and his music is just the best. And his energy onstage is insanity! Seriously, he just jumped and danced and sang and played guitar and piano like nobody’s business. He also almost stepped on my fingers, so we’re practically best friends. Eric’s music is spunky and quirky like him, and I recommend giving a listen when you can because you won’t be disappointed. Favourites? Outside Villanova, Rock n Roll, and OK, It’s Alright With Me.

4. Philosophy Eye Cream

Eye cream actually goes very well with concerts, especially this week. After attending the concert I went to IHOP at midnight, went to the airport, took a shuttle back to Eugene (arriving at 3:30), then got a few hours sleep before getting up early to write all about it for my Feature Writing class (yes, I got to use this for an assignment). So of course Wednesday morning my eyes were a little…gross. But this eye cream seriously helped my eyes out instantly. It made them bright, alert, an completely banished any ugly spots or dark areas. I am definitely keeping a bottle of this around from now on.

5. Hunter Hunted

Hunter Hunted also opened for RP, and they’re music is just phenomenal. Also, we’re now best buds because we tweeted over Michael’s shoes. So if you need a connection, hit me up. Anyway, I’ve been listening to their album nonstop for days now and there is something about their melodic tunes that is just hypnotic. Please join with me and listen to it constantly, because your ears will thank you!


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