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Favourites Friday #26

Have you ever had just a exceptionally good week?

Sometimes the stars align and everything that happens in that week is awesome. And it’s not for luck, it’s just a good week. That’s what my week was. While it started out pretty rocky, it ended on a surprisingly pleasant note and I’m now heading into the weekend feeling invincible. Which is absolutely fantastic considering what a slump I’ve been in lately with all the traveling and illness.

Now, what makes a week amazing? A lot of things. Sometimes it’s the people you’re with, or the events that happen, or even the things that show up. Whatever they are, they make your week great. Which is why I am sharing the little victories that made my week fantastic!

Who’s ready for some awesome things?

Note: Links to products are hyperlinked after the number.

The ‘Awesome Week’ Products: A Favourites Friday

1. CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara

I’ve seen a lot of people recommend this mascara, and even though I’m a die-hard Maybelline mascara girl, I had to give this a try. And it’s worth it! It finds each individual lash and coats it while looking so natural. It makes my lashes look gorgeous and doesn’t feel clumpy or heavy, something I’ve been struggling with lately. So having wonderful, flirty lashes all week definitely added to having an awesome week.

2. Chipotle

Yes, we all love Chipotle, but how much do you love free Chipotle? My roommate and I had free Chipotle coupons (which means free guac!) and had a nice little lunch this week to catch up before work. And there’s something about a free burrito bowl that seriously makes my week so fantastic. But yeah, if you’re looking for a phenomenal Chipotle order, here’s what I get:

  1. Carnitas

  2. Fajita veggies

  3. White rice (just because the brown is a little too nutty)

  4. Black beans

  5. Mild salsa

  6. Guacamole

3. Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo

Trying new shampoo is like buying new clothes for me. I love seeing what different bottles do to my hair, meaning I switch around a lot. Actually, I prefer shampoo samples just so I can play around. This week it was Bumble and bumble’s shampoo, and it’s lovely! It left my hair feeling smooth and thick, and when I styled my hair I didn’t need to add any smoothing treatment or texturizing spray for hold. I love this shampoo and how it made my hair feel like a million dollars.

4. Leather sandals

leather strap sandal #stevemadden // my new shoes :):

The weather has finally turned and I got to wear my favourite Steve Madden sandals finally! Mine don’t have a gold tip like these, but otherwise they’re identical and they are the perfect spring shoe. They are comfortable, stylish, and go with just about any outfit. I seriously adore them so much, and being able to wear them this week was such a treat!

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

In honour of the show coming back today, I have been binge-watching on Netflix for the last few days because anything Tina Fey creates I love. And this show is just so hilarious and fantastic and I’m really looking forward to a weekend of watching the second season and eating yummy food!


What things make you have an awesome week? Share in the comments!

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